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The Harvest Moon Trail Run, part of the Full Moon Rising Trail Run Series, takes place on Saturday evening, September 21 and features multiple trail run distances.  

About the Series

The Full Moon Rising Trail Run Series is a night time trail series taking place at Alum Creek State Park in Lewis Center, Ohio. The series consists of the following three trail runs:

  • August 10 – Red Moon Trail Run
  • September 21 – Harvest Moon Trail Run
  • October 12 – Hunters Moon Trail Run

The Full Moon Rising Trail Runs brings you a unique event for all trail lovers! With 6K (3.65 miles), 12K (7.4 miles), 18K (11 miles) and 23K (14.7 miles) distances to choose from, the Full Moon Rising Trail Runs has something for every trail runner in your crew. Finisher medals for all, awesome race shirts that you'll want to wear, and the best dang support around! 

Register for Entire Series

Save on entry Fees by register for the entire Series - To register for series - Click Here 

Multiple Ways to Participate

Runners can participate as an individual or as a team. A team will consist of 2-4 team members with each team member completing a 3.65 mile loop for their chosen event distance between 12K to 23K.

All participants will receive a Boston Beer Company cold brew post-race! Come run with us!


This 3.65-mile loop course is moderately rolling, wide-track trail that runs alongside and features a gorgeous nighttime view of Alum Creek Reservoir. The course will be marked with small LED lights along the way to assist you in trail navigation. The race is composed of a 3.65-mile trail course with trail runners able to choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 lap options.

Headlamps or a running light is required. You can purchase one through the registration process up to 10 days before the event. 

If you are choosing the multiple lap option, each lap you will pass by the Celebration Area to cheers from earlier finishers celebrating with a nice, cold Boston Beer Company brew.  

12K = 2 loops
18k = 3 loops
23k = 4 loops

Time limit: 23K = 3:30 hours

* Note- All other distances have at least the time limit listed above. 

Boston Beer Company Featured Brew for the Harvest Moon Trail Run

The Harvest Moon Trail Run will feature the 26.2 Brew, a golden, hazy ale that offers trail runners a reward for their hard work that tastes as satisfying as their accomplishments feel. The 26.2 brew was developed by Shelley Smith, a brewer, marathon and trail runner, a triathlete to provide purpose and balance for athletes seeking more. Brewed with Himalayan seas salt and coriander, the 26.2 provides a crisp body and refreshing finish with 4.0% ABV, 9g carbs, and only 120 calories. 

Official Trail Run Series Headlamp

Participants are required to have a head lamp or running light for the night run. The official series headlamp for the series is the Amphipod Versa-Light Max. With 2 levels of intensity to choose between, the USB-rechargeable Amphipod Versa-Light Max USB safety light clips just about anywhere to help you be better seen in the dark. As part of your registration process you can purchase the headlamp at a discounted price and we will have it available for you at packet pick-up. Headlamps will need to be ordered 10 days prior to the event. Within 10 days, you will need to visit your local specialty store. 

Official Trail Run Series Shirt Options

Recover brand are the official shirts and products of the Full Moon Rising Trail Run Series. Recover shirts and products are the most environmentally-friendly and socially responsible shirts available. These high-quality shirts are available for purchase during the registration process. There will be a different shirt color for each trail run.  Also available is the long sleeve sport tee.  

Exciting Series Medal

Each trail run will have a unique medal that when connected to the other trail run medals form a larger medal!

Countdown to the Red Moon Trail Run!

Registration fees

6K Trail Run

Price changes in 14 days 7 hours
    1. $29.00
      Now registering Mar 1 – Jul 31

12K Trail Run

Price changes in 14 days 7 hours
    1. $38.00
      Now registering Mar 1 – Jul 31

18K Trail Run

Price changes in 14 days 7 hours
    1. $47.00
      Now registering Mar 1 – Jul 31

23K Trail Run

Price changes in 14 days 7 hours
    1. $54.00
      Now registering Mar 1 – Jul 31

12K Trail Run - Team

Price changes in 14 days 7 hours
  • 2 person team format (Entry Fee for Team)

    1. $55.00
      Now registering Mar 1 – Jul 31

18K Trail Run - Team

Price changes in 14 days 7 hours
  • 2 - 3 person team format (Entry Fee for Team)

    1. $72.00
      Now registering Mar 1 – Jul 31

23K Trail Run - Team

Price changes in 14 days 7 hours
  • 2 - 4 person team format (Entry Fee for Team)

    1. $87.00
      Now registering Mar 1 – Jul 31

Awards and Amenities

Aid Stations & Support

There will be one aid station, located at the trail head near the Start/Finish area. It will be fully stocked with water and Gatorade. 

Shirts and Amenities

Event shirts can be purchased at an added cost during your registration process. This option allows those runners who don’t want a shirt to pay for them – so you are running for less. Shirts offered are a Recover sustainable shirt and are of better quality than most event shirts. 

Restrooms: There are restrooms located in the main parking lot of the event. In addition, we will have several port-a-potties located at the trail head near the Start/Finish area which will be available to those runners doing multiple loops.

Friends, Family & Crew: Friends, family, and crew are welcome to set-up tents and hang-out in the grassy area near the Start/Finish.

Medals and Awards

The finisher medal is sure to brighten even the darkest of winter nights!  Finish each race and you’re one step closer to completing our Full Moon Rising Trail Run Series!  Each trail run has its own unique medal but it is an interlocking medal that when combined with each of the other trail run medals make it not once, not twice, but three times as impressive!

  • Top 3 Overall Male & Female Finishers each distance – Under 40
  • Top 3 Overall Male & Female Finisher each distance – Masters (40-55 years)
  • Top 3 Overall Male & Female Finisher each distance – Grand Masters (Over 55 years old)
  • Top Overall Team by each distance


Results will be available shortly after you cross the finish via the Greenswell Events App. There will also be a Results Kiosk where you can look up your results.


Interested in volunteering? Events like this can’t be successful without great volunteers! Sign up at the link at the top of this page and we’ll be in touch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a head lamp or running light? YES. You will need one to see what you're running on.  Trail races by nature require greater attention to where one steps.  Darkness increases the need to be more aware of your footing.  You can purchase a running light through a registration process up to 10 days before the event. Or We recommend you visit your local running specialty store to find the best available options!

Will the trail be lit or marked? The trail will not be lit; however, there will be LED lights and course markings to guide runners through the course.  If you have your headlamp or run light, you should have no problem seeing directional signs.

Will there be a water station on the course? Yes. There will be a water station at the trail head at the Start/Finish. Runners doing multiple loops will pass the station upon completion of each lap. We do encourage runners to carry their preferred hydration with them on the course. 

Do I need special running shoes for this race? Not necessarily, though trail specific shoes would help tremendously in keeping your footing on this course.  

Can I walk or ruck instead of run? Absolutely.  We ask that you sign up for the 5k or 11K and that you remain to the side of the trail and out of the path of runners if you choose to walk or ruck though.  

Will there be beer at the race? Yes, great tasting cold brews at each trail run courtesy of Boston Beer Company. Must be 21 or older. No exceptions. 

Can spectators buy beer? This is to be determined. For now, do not plan on being able to purchase beer.

Refund and Transfer Policy

Refund and Transfer Policy 

We completely understand that plans change and athletes will sometimes be unable to compete in an event they've signed up for.  Unfortunately, refunds will not be provided for any event unless the event is cancelled for reasons within our control.  Dangerous weather, natural disasters, and local emergencies are examples of reasons an event may be cancelled that are NOT within our control.

Transfers to other trail runs in the series will not be permitted. We want to be flexible but medals, food, and other items have to be ordered in advanced and are based on registrations at a given point in time and also try to keep your cost of running low. 

Precautions for Trail Running at Night

Trail running at night can be more intimidating and challenging than when you go during the day. Consider these precautions and tips to keep running along and having fun.

Know your route: It can be easy to get turned around in the dark, even on a trail that you’ve been on a bunch of times during the daylight hours. Stay alert and keep your eyes open for trail markers and turns. If you’re in an unfamiliar area, make sure you carry a map and compass, or a GPS.

Slow down: Darkness makes terrain more challenging, even on familiar trails. Those rocks and roots you easily hop over during the day can be tough to negotiate with less light. Slow down and don’t expect to run at the same pace you would in daylight.

Be seen:  Wearing bright clothing and reflectors is essential. Placing reflectors on your moving body parts, such as your feet and arms, will distinguish you from a stationary object like a reflective road sign. Using a clip-on blinking light is also a great idea. Because we are on trails, reflective clothing isn’t as critical, but it can help you and your running partner(s) keep track of each other.

Leave the earbuds behind: Because you’re running at night you’ll already have diminished sight so why reduce your hearing, too? Give yourself every advantage and ditch the earbuds so you can hear other runners, wildlife or other noises.

Bring a cellphone: If something does go wrong during a run, you’ll be relieved to have a cellphone so you can make a call. Be aware: You can’t count on getting cell service everywhere in the mountains.

Bring layers: With the setting sun comes cooler temperatures. Make sure to account for this and dress accordingly. Check the forecast to see what the nighttime low temperature will be. If you start out before sunset, bring along an extra layer to pull on when it cools off.

Be ready for wildlife: Most animals hunker down at night and for those that don’t, the sound of you running will likely spook them away. But, there are sure to be some curious critters out there so be aware of your surroundings and listen and look for wildlife on the trail. Do some research on animals that are common in the area where you’re running and know how to respond appropriately if you encounter one.

Bring a friend: There’s no doubt about it: Trail running at night can be mentally challenging and your mind can be your own worst enemy when you’re out there by yourself. Once the sun goes down, every snap of a twig or looming shadow can feel like a threat. If you’re new to trail running at night, don’t go alone until you’re completely comfortable with it. Simply having someone to talk to can keep your mind from wandering to unhelpful places.

Full Moon Rising Trail Run Series Event App

Download from your Apple or Android store the Greenswell Events App and get all the event details - course map, event schedule, selfie app, push notifications, and LIVE results - all at your fingertips!


About Greenswell Events

Greenswell events is based in Columbus, Ohio & Central Ohio's premier running & triathlon event organizer. As Central Ohio's only local triathlon organizer we are proud to support endurance athletes of all disciplines. Our events include running, fitness, and multi-sport events of all types and distances.  For more about us and our event schedule, visit 


Event Schedule

  • September 21 8:00 PM EDT - Race Day Pick-up Begins

  • September 21 8:50 PM EDT - Race Day Pick-up Ends

Contact Information

Event Location

Alum Creek State Park Multipurpose Trail

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