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My Story…

If someone was suffering right in front of you, wouldn't you want to help them? Especially if that someone was a child? Well there's an easy way to help! Camp-Rap-A-hope helps families that are burdened with the hardship of childhood cancer. A simple donation goes a long way towards a great cause. On top of that, helping reach my goal means you can watch me get dunked in freezing water on Thanksgiving day! So really your donation helps someone who needs it AND gives you some entertainment!

Donate to help Patrick raise money for Turkey Trot for Hope’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 27 Cynthia B. Rathle $100.00
Nov 27 Joseph M. Bailey $100.00
Nov 27 James Kenny Crow Jr. $50.00
Nov 27 Vicki Guffey $11.50
Nov 26 Carolyn Burmeister $107.35
Nov 24 steven ALSIP $27.48
Nov 24 Crow Shields Bailey Pie a Partner Fundraiser $219.18
Nov 19 Jorge Alsip $250.00
Nov 18 Harrison and Ann-Katrin Pearl $54.10
Nov 15 Derek & Diana Donewar $27.48