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Do you live in a city or town too far from one of our current walks/runs but want to participate anyway? Walk or run with us virtually! A virtual walk/race is one that can be done at any location. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside or participate in another race in your town. You can walk/run your race at your pace wherever you like.

Register for our virtual walk/run here, fundraise by collecting donations for yourself or your team, complete your event and we will send you a goody bag with a t-shirt and finisher medal ($50 minimum donation necessary for goody bag which includes a t-shirt and finishing medal).

 We will give you flyers to promote your event - just email us at volunteer@milesformigraine.org. Then, we want to publicize your event. Please send us your pics and story so we can feature you and your team in our newsletter and social media. 

If a walk/run is not your interest, then consider a group yoga class, bike event, auction, car-wash, talent show, bake sale, game night. The idea is to raise awareness about headache disorder and raise some funds to support research. 


Directions - How to Sign Up!

1. Decide what kind of event you want to participate in - a walk, run, hike, yoga, biking, spinning? As you can see there are many options to fit your needs.

2. If, for example you want to run, consider joining an existing race in your city. Create a team and you can register together and all participate as a team. If it's a personal event, such hiking, biking or your own walk, just decide on a date that you will do your event and this becomes your personal Virtual Event Day!  

3. Set up your Pledge Page here on this website.

  1. Make it fun and give your event a name (here are some examples of previous team names: "Headache Healer, Team Bye-Graine, Cluster Clan, Headbangers, Spare Me the Headache!"). 
  2. Give a brief description of your event and explain why you are taking part
  3. Upload a picture of yourself or someone in your group.

4. Use our fundraising letter. We have included a templated fundraising letter that you can use to start reaching out to your friends, family and co-workers to ask for their support in your event. Consider writing a paragraph or two about why advocating and fundraising for migraine and headache research is so important to you.

5. Share your Pledge Page and updates event through email and social media channels.

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