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My Story…

We are walking, with a group of friends from the local MG Car Clubs, in memory of Dick Moss, Mick Burge and all the other good people who have been taken from us by Parkinson's Disease.

Donate to help Dan raise money for Fighting Parkinson’s Step by Step 5K’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Mar 22 James & Ellen McGhee $100.00
Mar 22 Geraldine Vellios $100.00
Mar 22 Robert & Kathleen Swanson $250.00
Mar 16 Leilani McNeely $25.00
Mar 16 Kathleen & Allen Steele $100.00
Mar 16 Erika Becker & Emil George $50.00
Mar 16 Douglas Pelton $25.00
Mar 16 The Ronans $100.00
Mar 16 The Fuentes Family $50.00
Mar 16 The Craigs $25.00