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Help Cheyenne Mountain Zoo protect the animals you love.

Just by registering for Run to the Shrine, you’re directly supporting the Zoo’s mission to be a leader in conservation, captive breeding and animal care.

But there are two more ways that you can help!

1)   Stretch your support by adding a donation to your registration.

2)   Enlist the support of your friends and family for the important work Cheyenne Mountain Zoo does in our community and around the world.

As a non-profit organization and one of only a handful of American zoos that receive no tax support, we rely on admissions, memberships, donations and community events to keep the Zoo “running.”

All donations will support important programs like:

• the care and enrichment of our animals,

• on-grounds breeding of endangered species like black-footed ferrets and Wyoming toads,

• conservation projects around the world, and

• education programs to foster a love of wildlife in our local youth.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a link that can be shared with family and friends so they can make a donation in your name.

When $100 or more is donated in your name to support Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (including your donation and any donations by friends and family), you’ll receive a FREE GIFT, recognizing your commitment to the Zoo and conservation of wildlife. (When you registered, you chose between a Cheyenne Mountain Zoo “I Will Protect” long-sleeve performance shirt, insulated water bottle or Eco-ware utensil set.) 

Donations must be received by May 15, and your thank you gift will be available for pick up at the Post-Race Celebration in Lodge at Moose Lake on race day.   

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Apr 25 Kimberly McLaughlin $5.68
Apr 25 Kimberly McLaughlin $5.68
Apr 25 Kevin Highland This will be a fun race! Go Clara go! $27.66
Apr 25 Kelly Drathman I’m doing this because I love you and it cracks me up to think of the grumpy/obscene things you’ll be whispering while running. $27.66
Apr 24 Heather Covelli You rock!! Miss you so much 💛 $27.66
Apr 24 Mary Beth Palmer $105.85
Apr 24 Deborah Helton $27.66
Apr 24 Kirstin Dillingham $27.66
Apr 24 Anonymous $25.00
Apr 24 Mila Jordan $27.66