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Trinity Anglican Church - Ottawa South Committee For Refugee Support

Raise money for Trinity Anglican Church - Ottawa South Committee For Refugee Support

The Ottawa South Committee for Refugee Sponsorship (OSCRS) is a community group that first met in March 2015 in response to the urgent situation faced Syrian and Iraqi refugees. OSCRS collaborates closely with Trinity Anglican Church in Old Ottawa South, whose missional work includes refugee sponsorship and support. The church provides administrative support for sponsorship activities as well as meeting space, and the church's volunteers engage alongside OSCRS volunteers in on-the-ground settlement work both before and after newcomers arrive. The first family of six Syrian refugees sponsored by the group arrived in late 2015. The group has now overseen the arrival of three Syrian refugee families, a Syrian refugee with his two teenage brothers, and young family of three Kurds from Northern Iraq. Currently, the group looks forward to welcoming a family of four Syrian refugees in February and it has started on the sponsorship of a family of six from Congo, who are now refugees in South Africa. All donations to support refugee sponsorship work by the collaboration of OSCRS and Trinity Anglican Church will be eligible for a charitable receipt.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Aug 29 Eric Robinson $100.00
Aug 21 Beth $25.00
Jun 20 Shay Steacy Nadia, How did the walk go today?? Your commitment to this cause is so admirable! $25.00
Jun 20 Kate $25.00
Jun 20 Brad Heyd Keep up the good work. $100.00
Jun 20 Georgie Weeks Heyd What a wonderful thing to do to help others! Proud of you Nadia Heyd $100.00
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Jun 19 Trinity Anglican Church Have Fun!!!!...Nadia Undisclosed amount
Jun 19 Angela Vanderburg $100.00
Jun 19 Salmina Sabah $25.00