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Canadian Aniridia Foundation

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The Canadian Aniridia Foundation supports awareness, education, and research for Aniridia. Aniridia is a rare genetic disease effecting approximately 1:50,000 newborns. Our goal is to ensure that people with Aniridia receive the most current information regarding their condition so that they can obtain the best standards of care and preserve their vision for as long a possible. Our long term vision is to help find a cure for Aniridia.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Aug 12 Anonymous $30.00
Jul 13 Anonymous $145.00
Jun 29 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jun 29 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 30 Jeremy Watson $60.00
Apr 25 Brian and Velvet Burns Undisclosed amount
Apr 23 Lynne Watson $25.00
Apr 22 Erica Watson $150.00
Apr 22 Anonymous $40.00
Apr 22 Kim Reese $120.00