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Help Krista raise money

For participating in Tamarack Ottawa Virtual Race Weekend 2020

My Story…

In 2018, I had the opportunity to participate in Synapcity's Civics Boot Camp, a program that allowed me to get acquainted with people who were as committed to making Ottawa a better place as I was. A few months later, I chose to join Synapcity's board, excited to be able to contribute to such a great mission. A few days ago, if it hadn't been for the pandemic, I would have run in the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Tamarack chose to move its event online and allow people to walk/run at their own leisure to raise funds for organizations in need of their support. Working in mental health, I am committed to hearing from people with lived experience around important issues that impact their lives. What attracted me to Synpacity is their dedication to do this for all Ottawa residents; to give everyone a voice, including the most vulnerable. If just like me you are grateful for the connexions and learnings offered by Synapcity, please consider contributing in any way you can.


The SPCO is a community development organisation: We lead and support community action on issues affecting the social and economic wellbeing of Ottawa residents. Our priorities are community economic development, creating inclusion, providing access to basics, and supporting the voluntary sector. We’ve been around since 1928 and have incubated important services like United Way Ottawa, ParaTranspo, the Youth Services Bureau, the Council on Aging, the Alliance to End Homelessness, and Just Food. We are proud to include Synapcity and Youth Action Now among our sponsored organisations. Help us continue to make a difference.