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My Story…

Greetings,I am so thankful for all the supports and care given by the medical staff @ 3 hospitals. They cared for in our journey with Jan's stage 4 lung cancer these past 2 years. I am also thankful for the comfort/ support given by our family, extended family and friends. In thankfulness, I am joining members of Jan's lung support group in a fundraising walk for Lung Cancer Canada. Carl


Every day 57 Canadians will die from Lung cancer.  It kills more than 20,000 people each year – more than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined, yet advancements are handicapped by vastly inadequate research funding.

You can play a crucial role in being part of the solution, by supporting this national cause.

You are what drives LCC’s success and we appreciate all of your participation. 

Create a running, walking group or a corporate team.  Get your family and friends together and join us in support of a worthy cause!


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 13 Bevin Worton We met your wife this morning. We support your family being lung cancer strong. Undisclosed amount
Jun 13 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
May 18 Daniel Mullaly $25.00
May 13 Rick & Lynne Watkins Good Luck Carl $50.00
May 10 Myles V Morse $50.00
May 09 Raymond Klicius Easy does it! $25.00
May 09 David Bickerton $100.00
May 08 Bonnie Harris Run, Carl, run! $25.00
May 08 Andrew Stay focused you can do it> $40.00
May 08 Bev frizell $25.00