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Emily Whitehead is a 3-time leukemia survivor. She was the first child in the world to receive a breakthrough T-cell immunotherapy to finally beat her leukemia. Emily is alive today because of cancer research. We saw firsthand how cancer research is saving lives; however, there are still children losing their lives every day because of limited treatment options for high-risk patients like Emily. Children who have their cancer return are harder to treat because their cancer becomes resistant to standard therapies. Cutting edge treatments like the T-cell therapy are needed to help cure these children but funding is limited. Childhood cancer receives only 4% of the National Cancer Institute budget for research. Many researchers rely on grants from non-profit organizations and private donors who are dedicated to raising funds for childhood cancer research. Please visit for more info on our efforts to find a cure for childhood cancer!

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Apr 02 Andrew Biesinger $27.48
Mar 28 Jeff Higgins $25.00
Mar 13 Diamondback $300.00
Mar 10 Anonymous $500.00
Mar 08 Sharon Boynes $10.52
Mar 08 Sharon Boynes You definately have some angels looking down from above and will be rooting you on! $13.87
Feb 24 Katlyn Flick $6.25
Feb 23 Denese Tibbens $27.63
Feb 19 Anonymous $27.63
Feb 18 Charla MacDonald $27.63