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Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity

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Haiti H2O is a development organization based in Pittsburgh working to bring hope and opportunity through partnership with the people of Haiti. We work within four communities throughout Haiti to bringing hope and opportunity with access to clean water, sanitation, schools, and small business opportunities for people in rural Haiti.  Haiti H2O will use the funds you raise to change the lives of people in Haiti! Learn more about the work

Your donation may be the opportunity that someone needs!

When you give to Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity, you become part of someone's story.  Your generosity contributes to sturdy shelters, education, micro-business opportunities, sanitation and medical needs for the people in rural areas of Haiti.  The communities we partner with not only get what we see as basic elements of life, but also the chance to help each other and neighboring communities.  The sustainable qualities of these projects will have lasting significance.

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Jan 25 Thomas A Green Jr Go Katie! $27.63
Jan 24 Kelly Koble Run Katie Run! ❤️ Undisclosed amount
Jan 23 patricia blahovec God luck! Glad to support this cause! Pat and Jim $50.00
Jan 21 Doug & Beth Love you 😍 $54.35
Jan 21 Kristin Francis $107.79
Jan 21 Erin, Brandon, Reese, & Lucas ❤️❤️❤️ $54.35
Jan 21 Steve and Laura $107.79
Jan 21 Robert Hallman Great cause that I'm happy to support. $500.00
Jan 21 Bridgette Kennedy Undisclosed amount
Jan 21 Jacob, Caleb, Lauren, and Dustin We're super proud of you Aunt Jaime! You can do it!!! :) $27.63