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Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity

Raise money for Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity

Haiti H2O is a development organization based in Pittsburgh partnering to transform hope into opportunity in rural Haiti. Our approach is to take time to listen to local leaders and invest in their ideas, empowering them to make positive change. We currently work with four rural communities in areas such as education, health and sanitation, business initiatives, home construction, and livestock cooperatives. Haiti H2O invests the money raised to impact the lives of people in rural Haiti! Learn more about the work   

Your donation may be the opportunity that someone needs!

When you give to Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity, you become part of someone's story.  Your generosity contributes to sturdy shelters, education, micro-business opportunities, sanitation and medical needs for the people in rural areas of Haiti.  The communities we partner with not only get what we see as basic elements of life, but also the chance to help each other and neighboring communities.  The sustainable qualities of these projects will have lasting significance.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
May 08 Jorgen and Jessica Pedersen Thanks for doing this!! $107.35
May 07 Robert Hallman, sr $426.85
May 06 Susan Grilli $54.10
May 05 Karen and Jeff McGuire Congratulations Shey! Glad to help support a cause that is close to your heart! Undisclosed amount
May 05 Rudolph Maceyko $54.10
May 05 Lisa EDDY $27.48
May 05 Denise E Thorpe You rock, Sprenkels! $54.10
May 04 Holley Orth Get it, girl! I'll join you for a mile :) $27.48
May 03 Hana Thier $54.10
May 03 Jonathan Thier $267.10