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Open Hand Ministries

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Open Hand Ministries promotes justice in the East End of Pittsburgh by building a diverse community focused on financial wellness, equity creation, and home-ownership. Initially founded as a ministry of four churches, we respond to social injustice and inequality plaguing our city by providing opportunities for sustainable and affordable homeownership for families in fragile situations. We serve our community by creating community. We partner with like-hearted organizations and individuals, urban and suburban churches, community development corporations, lending agencies, expert trade skill professionals, funding organizations, and other local support agencies in order to equip our families and community for success and homeownership.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
May 01 Allison Freeman $54.10
May 01 Clayton Gyves Dear Mrs.A, I wanted to donate because I just want to help people have better lives and have nice homes. ❤️,Clayton $11.50
May 01 Amber McCann $107.35
Apr 30 Michael GORIN Miss you guys. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy Undisclosed amount
Apr 30 Lynne Chadwick Go Emily! $54.10
Apr 30 Leah Bhagat-Young $48.78
Apr 28 Michele Bossers In memory of Irene and Ted Bartko and in honor of Irene’s Dream. $107.35
Apr 28 Wesley Rohrer I've run the equivalent of three marathons since mid-March and ask that you encourage me by donating as you are able to Open Hands Ministry! $100.00
Apr 28 Linda Savin $54.10
Apr 27 Shauna Staranko $27.48