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Raise money for Norquay Community Centre

Norquay Community Centre (N.C.C.) began in 1956 and was run out of  the satellite building, now called the Rita Richard Recreation Centre, which is being utilized for children/youth drop-in programs.  The current community centre was founded in 1979.  N.C.C. provides programs for children /youth in the community as well as for adults and seniors. The centre hosts special events and kids dances and various programs. The centre also partners with other organizations e.g. Graffiti Art Programming, Winnipeg Public Library, City of Winnipeg, GCWCC (General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres) and more.”

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Sep 15 Aldo Furlan I had been a term teacher at Norquay School many years ago so I want my donation to benefit the Norquay School community. $27.60
Sep 08 Cindy Boughen $27.60
Aug 27 Lorne Lix $54.31
Aug 04 Anonymous $27.60
Jul 27 Anonymous Norquay Community Center $27.60
Jul 21 Becky Raddatz $27.60
Sep 21 Jo-Anne Yuskin In lieu of an additional shirt that I got this year $16.92