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My Story…

It's hard for me to express how important Silent Voice is to Deaf infants, children, youth and adults and their families so I asked my mom for help. My Mom then asked the Kelly MacKenzie, the Executive Director of Silent Voice for help and this is our message:

Silent Voice is a Deaf organization with a vast majority of Deaf staff making decisions and running programs for members of the Deaf community. Silent Voice thrives on meeting the needs to those it serves; identifying and filling gaps; making connections to make sure no Deaf child falls through the cracks; providing education to connect people. Silent Voice is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. We are intolerant of oppression. BLACK LIVES MATTER; INDIGENOUS LIVES MATTER! 

During Covid, Silent Voice connected me with my some of my Deaf friends from camp and the Saturday Program and our Deaf counsellors several times a week on Zoom to help us stay connected with each other so we weren't so isolated at home with our hearing families.   They explained COVID to us so that we could understand what was happening and why we all had to stay home.  Silent Voice also interpreted all the government updates on their website (while also advocating for ASL interpreters for government updates as they happened) so that Deaf people have the same access to information that hearing people do.  Silent Voice also offered me a Virtual Summer Camp experience so that I could stay connected to other Deaf children and youth despite not having an in-person connection to another Deaf person since before March Break.  Volunteers from Silent Voice also helped my Mom create the most amazing birthday video for my 13th birthday with messages from my friends, family, teachers and counsellors.  I LOVED it!

Please help support an agency rooted in its community, operated by passionate, compassionate and committed people who are themselves stakeholders. 

Thank you!


100% of proceeds from the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon will benefit Silent Voice programs for Deaf children, youth, adults and and families.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 30 Kitkat Great job Caitlin and Durno family! Sorry this is so late. $25.00
Oct 25 Tam & Dave Finch Way to go Caitlin! $250.00
Oct 23 Dave and Shelagh Durno $500.00
Oct 23 Bob and Gayle Cronin $100.00
Oct 19 Nicole, Andrew, Ben, Will, & Elizabeth Rush $100.00
Oct 15 Erin Binnie Go Caitlin! $50.00
Oct 13 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Oct 13 The Burleighs Great job Caitlin! $100.00
Oct 11 The Bart Family Way to go Caitlin and Team Durno!! $100.00
Oct 11 Jane and Don Durno Go Caitlin Go! Undisclosed amount