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My Story…

Last year, in a spur on the moment decision made only days before the race, I ran the half marathon to help my cousin raise funds for Humewood House, a women's shelter in Toronto. This was an effort of determination - not well thought out. What followed was a grueling but fulfilling 3:15 experience, performed in Skechers. To be trying your absolute hardest to move and have your feet only come an inch off the ground as you go is a heck of a thing. I doubled down for 2020, committing to complete the entire marathon with a goal time of under 5 hours. Now, I've trained for 5 months, running a total of over 425km. ...and I have since bought a much better pair of running shoes! In light of COVID, and the virtual event, I have stepped up to run each race, a total of 78.3km*, in an effort to raise funds for Bridges to Belonging, an amazing charity working to build a sense of community and belonging for individuals with disabilities inside of Waterloo region.


At Bridges to Belonging, our vision is communities where people of all abilities belong and are connected through meaningful relationships. We believe everyone deserves to feel they belong. Due to barriers in our community for people with disabilities and gaps in systems, many individuals and their families feel isolated and unsure where to turn. We believe in helping people to be empowered to achieve their dreams- whether it is volunteering, getting their first job, or making friends, independent facilitators help people to build the confidence, skills and their support network to help them to create the life they want.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 06 Andrew Giralt $25.00
Nov 05 Rahul Kalparuksha Jamie! You are an amazing human being. Keep up the great work! :) $15.00
Oct 28 Amanda Thomas $25.00
Oct 27 Anonymous $50.00
Oct 26 Kathy Mortimer Amazing! Good for you! $25.00
Oct 26 Anu Leib $25.00
Oct 26 Jeff Singleton $100.00
Oct 26 Gary Schroeder Great cause, your effort is very appreciated I am sure! $50.00
Oct 26 Eric Czarny Good Luck! $50.00
Oct 26 Craig Cook $100.00