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At Bridges to Belonging, our vision is communities where people of all abilities belong and are connected through meaningful relationships. We believe everyone deserves to feel they belong. Due to barriers in our community for people with disabilities and gaps in systems, many individuals and their families feel isolated and unsure where to turn. We believe in helping people to be empowered to achieve their dreams- whether it is volunteering, getting their first job, or making friends, independent facilitators help people to build the confidence, skills and their support network to help them to create the life they want.

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Jamie Moffat

Raised: $3,137.70

Fraser Maclean

Raised: $925.00

Daryl Dore

Raised: $125.00

Emily Schurter

Raised: $125.00

Christina Koenig

Raised: $25.00

Jessica Platt

Raised: $25.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 28 Anonymous $25.00
Oct 28 Amanda Thomas $25.00
Oct 27 Anonymous $50.00
Oct 26 Kathy Mortimer Amazing! Good for you! $25.00
Oct 26 Anu Leib $25.00
Oct 26 Anonymous $25.00
Oct 26 Anonymous $25.00
Oct 26 Anonymous $25.00
Oct 26 Jeff Singleton $100.00
Oct 26 Gary Schroeder Great cause, your effort is very appreciated I am sure! $50.00