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My Story…

My 90th birthday party was in the nick of time before the pandemic roared in and isolated our Hesperus residents, safely protected by our dedicated staff. I am so thankful to Hesperus for providing this uniquely beautiful environment to me and other seniors. We're all together in this abundant, ever giving universe that never runs out. So, as an integral part of this life, should we not mirror this generosity? Let's think about it and look at the Light in a protective environment such as Hesperus. Through the efforts of its pioneers, our staff and board of directors, Hesperus, as a registered charity, became a treasure of a place with its invaluable service to Canadian society. I certainly have benefited greatly and do not hesitate asking my friends to give a generous donation to Hesperus as an inspiring support for my 10k walk which will take place during October. Please, stretch out your generosity as best you can! Thank you. 💞


A rich cultural life, in its varied forms, enhances the health and lives of our residents. Social isolation is 

unfortunately very common for seniors. Together with our residents, we co-create an enlivened and 

rich social and cultural life to combat the isolation that some encounter due to physical or emotional 

challenges or even financial constraints. Your donation will fund the costs associated with organizing a 

series of social and cultural activities throughout the year.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 10 Veronica Marquez Have a great walk, Anna!!! $25.00
Nov 05 Ruth Weinmann $30.00
Nov 05 Victoria Masi $20.00
Oct 29 Mary Warkentin $50.00
Oct 28 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Oct 20 Helena Hartman $50.00
Oct 19 Ingrid Belenson $15.00
Oct 15 Debbie Woodworth & Dave Woodworth Hi Anna, so great the money you have raised so far, we hope you meet your goal. Love to you! $25.00
Oct 08 Brian Eckler $100.00
Oct 04 Susan Lilholt Dear Anna, It's been too long since we've spoken. I loved reading your piece in the newsletter. Good luck walking for Hesperus! Hugs, Susan $25.00