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A rich cultural life, in its varied forms, enhances the health and lives of our residents. Social isolation is 

unfortunately very common for seniors. Together with our residents, we co-create an enlivened and 

rich social and cultural life to combat the isolation that some encounter due to physical or emotional 

challenges or even financial constraints. Your donation will fund the costs associated with organizing a 

series of social and cultural activities throughout the year.

Team members

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Cosimo Casale

Raised: $10,545.00

Renate Krause

Raised: $5,058.00

Pina Corigliano

Raised: $3,476.00

Marta Bak

Raised: $2,345.00

Michael Tedesco

Raised: $1,950.00

Anna Carling

Raised: $1,195.00

Vibeke Ball

Raised: $1,000.00

Team captain

Corina Tataru

Raised: $810.00

Leslie Peel

Raised: $785.00

Natalie Semenov

Raised: $750.00

Regine Kurek

Raised: $750.00

Marianne Coleman

Raised: $550.00

Catherine Daugherty

Raised: $500.00

Aaron Reilly

Raised: $450.00

Mary Warkentin

Raised: $445.00

Barbara Sparling

Raised: $420.00

Allan Hughes

Raised: $385.00

Sunni Anne Ball

Raised: $325.00

Eleonora Galius

Raised: $275.00

Zarina Ismail

Raised: $250.00

Gregory Sass

Raised: $225.00

Shani Brothers

Raised: $225.00

Nora Welsby

Raised: $175.00

Vivian Welsby

Raised: $150.00

Lidia Marie Gionet

Raised: $120.00

James Welsby

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 26 Dave Goff Go Eleonora! $100.00
Oct 26 Dave Goff Go Mary and Dusty! $100.00
Oct 26 Jonathan Snow $50.00
Oct 26 Ted Hyland A worthy cause at any time, but especially now. $100.00
Oct 25 Maile Family $25.00
Oct 25 Gary and Rita Kobran Great going Renate. Always a trooper. Fond regards, Gary and Rita Undisclosed amount
Oct 25 Jeremy Skaller Amazing Work! $250.00
Oct 24 Anonymous $25.00
Oct 23 Katja and Helga Rudolph Dearest Renate, Your determination and discipline are an inspiration. Keep up the good walk! Love Katja and Maxe $100.00
Oct 23 Adriana Molder Go Renate Go.... Next year I will join you! Undisclosed amount