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My Story…

I am happy to participate in fundraising for Hesperus Village. I strongly support affordable housing for seniors but Hesperus provides more than bricks-and-mortar. Hesperus is a vibrant, living and caring community with opportunities for enrichment. The building is aesthetically pleasing, and nature can be seen through every window. This place, and the people living in it, are near and dear to my heart. I wish more seniors had the opportunity to live in this kind of community. Of course, being a charity, we rely on donations. This is a worthy cause. Giving support to Hesperus, is giving support to our seniors, our community and to the notion that this type of housing is needed and wanted. I am grateful for any donation, large or small. Thank you kindly.


A rich cultural life, in its varied forms, enhances the health and lives of our residents. Social isolation is 

unfortunately very common for seniors. Together with our residents, we co-create an enlivened and 

rich social and cultural life to combat the isolation that some encounter due to physical or emotional 

challenges or even financial constraints. Your donation will fund the costs associated with organizing a 

series of social and cultural activities throughout the year.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 30 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Sep 24 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Sep 24 Greg Montana $25.00
Sep 21 Anonymous $25.00
Sep 21 Len Bulmer $25.00
Sep 20 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Sep 18 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Sep 18 Anonymous Undisclosed amount