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Raise money for Nehemiah Construction Ministries

Support your favourite runner here.

The Water Run supports the amazing work of Nehemiah Construction Ministries.

All donations will be processed through The Great Commission Foundation
Tax receipts will be issued by The Great Commission Foundation for donations of $50 or more.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Smid

Raised: CA$4,237.80

Team Heese

Raised: CA$789.38

Team Titan

Raised: CA$681.52

Rebellious Soles

Raised: CA$499.96

Speedy Sloths

Raised: CA$473.63

Atkinson Team

Raised: CA$263.13

Vis Family Run

Raised: CA$210.50

Team Flock of Gies

Raised: CA$52.63

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Oct 13 Don Carswell CA$20.00
Oct 13 Kaitlin Jmeson CA$5.00
Oct 13 Luirie Harris CA$20.00
Oct 13 Cindy Miller CA$20.00
Oct 13 Zach Kennedy CA$20.00
Oct 13 Ken Charlton CA$20.00
Oct 13 Sue Risser CA$15.00
Oct 13 Aldia Mitchell CA$20.00
Oct 13 Becky Doroshuk CA$50.00
Oct 13 Arsheen Meese CA$20.00