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Talan was just three years old the day of the traumatic lawn mower accident. His family was moving and there were three adults outside, he was playing in the bushes looking for Easter eggs just after Easter.  He ran behind the lawn mower and was struck in the face by the bagger, that knocked him down.  The lawn tractor glided down a small hill and the blades engaged.  Talan is what they call a medical miracle, he was given less than 24 hours to live, they were told if he did live he would die within ten days of infection.  Miracles happen everyday, big and small. Talan traveled through the ER, PACU, PICU, The Wild West and finally Rehab.  He had almost every field of medicine healing him.  It took a community to heal him with prayers, love and support. After 46 surgeries he is proud of his amazing scars that have healed behind belief.  Talan is the Great Turtle Ninja who continues to love life daily.