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Raise money for Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario


Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario enhances the lives of people who are affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders by providing a network of services that educate, support, and build community awareness.


Our vision is a community free of barriers where persons affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders are empowered and supported to live a life of dignity, self-worth, and hope. 


We are dedicated to providing innovative services that are responsive to individual needs. We are both inclusive and collaborative in our approach to ensure that all individuals with epilepsy have the opportunity to fully participate in their community.


SUPPORT people with epilepsy and their families.

EDUCATE our communities about epilepsy and seizure first aid.

RAISE AWARENESS, dispel myths, and break down the stigma of epilepsy. 


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Team information

Quinn’s Army

Raised: $8,830.00

Dylans Dudes

Raised: $3,330.00

Beckett's Battle

Raised: $2,300.00

Team G Force

Raised: $1,900.00

Team Dominic

Raised: $1,175.00

The Chute Clan

Raised: $880.00

Team Nick!

Raised: $830.00

Team #ThisisSam

Raised: $560.00

Reasons To Smile

Raised: $540.00

Team Bean

Raised: $250.00

Purple Power

Raised: $155.00


Raised: $150.00

The Sistas

Raised: $95.00

Graeme Beats Epilepsy

Raised: $80.00


Raised: $45.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Sep 25 Jill Carlyle Gavin you are an incredible leader and artist! Undisclosed amount
Sep 25 Anonymous $50.00
Sep 25 The Gracey Family $25.00
Sep 25 The Heslip Family Go Team G Force! $50.00
Sep 25 Martin Jantzi $20.00
Sep 25 Sara Schindler <3 $25.00
Sep 24 Robyn Pitman Happy to help you reach your goal :) $150.00
Sep 24 Papa & Nana $100.00
Sep 24 Anonymous $50.00
Sep 23 Janet&Larry Dilling $20.00