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Support Our Troops was established in 2007 to meet the unique needs and special challenges faced by members of the Canadian Armed Forces community as a result of military service. It operates within Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services.
This includes providing financial assistance to promote family resiliency and to support the recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration of members with a physical and/or mental illness or injury.
Well recognized by its trademarked yellow ribbon, the organization also provides an opportunity for supporters to show their care, compassion and support to serving members, veterans and their families through donations, attending community events and fundraising.


Appuyons nos troupes a été créée en 2007 pour répondre aux besoins uniques et aux défis particuliers auxquels font face les membres de la communauté des Forces armées canadiennes en raison du service militaire. Elle mène ses activités dans le contexte des Services de bien-être et moral des Forces canadiennes. 

De plus, Appuyons nos troupes offre un soutien financier pour promouvoir la résilience des familles et favoriser le rétablissement, la réadaptation et la réintégration des militaires qui ont une maladie ou une blessure physique ou mentale.
Reconnue par le ruban jaune devenu marque de commerce, l’organisation fournit également aux particuliers et aux entreprises l’occasion de montrer leur compassion et leur soutien aux militaires actifs, aux vétérans et à leurs familles au moyen de dons, de la participation à des événements communautaires et d’activités de collecte de fonds.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Soldier On

Raised: $22,926.78

Operation Greendot 3.0

Raised: $6,532.66

The Irish Regiment of Canada

Raised: $3,672.41

Land Systems-Canada's Dynamic Dashers

Raised: $3,605.04

Team BMO

Raised: $3,518.81

RCSU Pacific Interior

Raised: $3,016.63

CFHS 0011

Raised: $2,916.05

In Memory of Private Thomas Welch

Raised: $2,699.02

Support Our Troops

Raised: $2,291.61

GDMS-C Calgary

Raised: $2,168.92

Ontario Athletic Therapists Association

Raised: $1,857.46

Pacific Sirens

Raised: $1,724.64

Tijuana Thundercats

Raised: $1,551.93


Raised: $1,442.72


Raised: $1,420.30

11 Fd Regt - RCA (Serving and Retired)

Raised: $1,268.64

Beare Run

Raised: $1,093.78

Friends of Soldier On

Raised: $1,069.61

Calg Highrs

Raised: $943.28

In Memory of Cpl. Brian Pinksen

Raised: $936.64

Kate and Anthony

Raised: $903.68

Team DMO

Raised: $885.84

Team Bolger

Raised: $841.54

4th Regt (GS)

Raised: $841.47

Team Manulife

Raised: $830.69


Raised: $781.14

41 Combat Engineer Regiment

Raised: $759.19

The Back Bar

Raised: $709.50

Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics

Raised: $682.90

Team Abbigail Cowwbrough

Raised: $680.93

Illuminate the Way - COATS 2020

Raised: $671.89

The Pronko Pact

Raised: $632.20

Agony of DeFeet

Raised: $624.91

Mighty Maroon Machine (5 Cdn Div)

Raised: $624.38

The 1440 Affiliate (Waterloo)

Raised: $596.24

Deputy Commander Canadian Army's Team

Raised: $566.85


Raised: $541.40

Velox Soles

Raised: $540.00

Support our Troops - (In Memory of Sgt. M. Edwards: "Action from Knowledge" - C Int C)

Raised: $528.31

Transport Canada (Inspectors)

Raised: $523.37

An Army Cadet and an Air Cadet walk into a CTC...

Raised: $466.02

Team Superheroes

Raised: $461.99

The Litter Bearers

Raised: $444.26

Army of Run - PwC Ottawa

Raised: $436.11

Matthew Desaulniers Memorial

Raised: $408.30


Raised: $398.31

The Glamour Boys

Raised: $392.21

Brockville Rifles

Raised: $379.72

Jeunes IHEDN Canada

Raised: $376.41


Raised: $370.73

6 Int Coy - 7 Pl

Raised: $367.63


Raised: $362.26

Droit au But!

Raised: $323.00

32 MP Platoon

Raised: $316.57

1 Combat Engineer Regiment

Raised: $312.94

Pandemic Pandemonium

Raised: $302.89

Sudo Run

Raised: $300.09

Team Called to Serve

Raised: $300.00

Navy Brown

Raised: $288.26

CFRC Hamilton/Atlantic Platoon

Raised: $283.36

A dentist, assistant, clerk and mechanic enter a race....

Raised: $269.32

748 GGHG Army Cadets

Raised: $269.32


Raised: $268.54

Yukon Do It

Raised: $264.83

Crossfit Colosseum

Raised: $254.59

Wingham Cadets

Raised: $249.23


Raised: $246.33


Raised: $244.49

CFMPA Battista Platoon

Raised: $242.03


Raised: $240.24

Sean Killin

Raised: $240.01


Raised: $230.24

7th Toronto Regt, RCA

Raised: $224.26

Fam Jam

Raised: $219.49

Champlain Champions 5K

Raised: $211.66

WROad Runners

Raised: $210.69

The Pain Killers

Raised: $162.94

35 Field Ambulance

Raised: $160.46

We Got The Runs

Raised: $158.54


Raised: $156.11

Team Kolne

Raised: $153.17

Queen’s York Rangers

Raised: $136.11

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada

Raised: $136.11


Raised: $136.11

Running Like a Pack of Turtles

Raised: $126.20

Commissionaires Southern Alberta

Raised: $125.83

General Dynamics

Raised: $118.31

33 Field Fam

Raised: $113.76

3rd (United Kingdom) Warfighting Division

Raised: $110.23

Team Catterill

Raised: $109.26


Raised: $108.31

RCA Band

Raised: $108.31

Mighty Serpent

Raised: $108.31

Bucky’s brood

Raised: $108.31

Eugene's Runners

Raised: $108.31


Raised: $107.43

Team Walters

Raised: $105.83

Win or lose, hit the booze

Raised: $104.63

The Arseneau Arsenal

Raised: $100.00

104 Starfighter RCACS

Raised: $83.40

430 ETAH et amis

Raised: $83.40

The Roommates

Raised: $83.40

YMR Toronto

Raised: $82.43

Silver Star

Raised: $82.43


Raised: $82.43

Freddy Rum Runners

Raised: $82.43


Raised: $82.43


Raised: $82.43

QG 2 Div CA

Raised: $80.60

Team Andrew

Raised: $77.80

Groupe Raymond

Raised: $66.33

2966 Army

Raised: $55.60

CFB Suffield

Raised: $55.60

Racing Turtles

Raised: $55.60

Team Parent Family

Raised: $55.60

Westmount Pacers

Raised: $55.60

CDLS(W) and Friends

Raised: $55.60

Team Kim

Raised: $55.60


Raised: $55.60

Cirque du sore legs

Raised: $55.60

Good enough

Raised: $54.63

The Anderson-Krassiouks

Raised: $54.63


Raised: $54.63

PWOR and Brockville Rifles

Raised: $54.63

Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa

Raised: $54.63


Raised: $54.63

3 MP Regt Det Gagetown

Raised: $54.63

Team Seymour

Raised: $54.63

OSISS S. Ontario

Raised: $54.63


Raised: $54.63

1st Canadian Division

Raised: $52.80


Raised: $51.70

Lockheed Martin Canada

Raised: $50.23


Raised: $44.87

CFSU(E) Command Team

Raised: $43.90

12 (Vancouver) Field Ambulance

Raised: $35.00

Fierce and Foxy

Raised: $27.80

Windsor Regiment Runners

Raised: $27.80

Dude Bro Fitness

Raised: $27.80

9 RCACC London

Raised: $27.80

Kennell Plus Running Club

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80

Echoing Footsteps

Raised: $27.80

RCSCC VIKING - Bancroft Sea Cadets

Raised: $27.80

Girls just wanna have fun

Raised: $27.80

Black Watch of Canada Pipes and Drums

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80

Move Again Fam

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80

White Shirt Regiment

Raised: $27.80

Canadian Health Cube FitFam

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80

35 Fusiliers du St-Laurent

Raised: $27.80

Skeleton Park Belugas

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80

2 Fd Amb

Raised: $27.80

Inglourious Blisters

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80

TAF Army Run

Raised: $27.80

84th Bty

Raised: $27.80

Brothers in Arms

Raised: $27.80

2940 Cheticamp RCACC

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $25.00

Participation without Representation

Raised: $22.43

The Slappin' Spatulas

Raised: $17.07


Raised: $15.00

The Halifax Rifles (RCAC)

Raised: $12.77

Rey's Rebels

Raised: $12.66

DRS Pivotal Power

Raised: $11.70

Seaforth Highlanders of Canada cadet units

Raised: $10.00

2 CMBG HQ & Sig Sqn

Raised: $6.33

North Bay

Raised: $5.00

12 MP Platoon

Raised: $5.00

2381 BCR Irish Fusiliers

Raised: $5.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Sep 19 Kevin Newmiller Run Captain RUN!!!! $108.31
Sep 19 MM $31.18
Sep 19 Dave Ingram & Laura Palmer Keep up the good work, love you son! $20.00
Sep 19 Meredith & Rob Jamieson $54.63
Sep 19 Deb Billey $100.00
Sep 19 Daniel Desmarais Undisclosed amount
Sep 19 Julie Haywood Bravo Kate!! Well done! $27.80
Sep 19 Heather McCready $108.31
Sep 19 Anonymous $54.63
Sep 19 Steve Nowak Heartfelt thanks to all those that choose to serve and sacrifice for our great country $537.69