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For participating in Scotiabank Calgary Marathon 2021

My Story…


When my daughter, Charlotte was just 2 years old, she had a big swollen toe. We questioned it but thought it was just a break or bruise. We began to worry after a few days when Charlotte refused to walk on it without crying. Our local hospital thought it might have been a mild break, but didn't see anything on x-rays. I trusted my gut and knew it was something more. We went to the Children's Hospital in London, ON where they didn't give up until they knew exactly why our little one was experiencing so much pain. It took almost a year, multiple referrals and tests until finally a doctor said to us "this looks like Juvenile Arthritis"

We were shocked - and confused. My husband and I had never heard of JIA! Kids could get arthritis?! As the last 6 years have passed since this strange big toe - Charlotte has tried more than 10 different medications, had multiple joint injections, daily physiotherapy, types of braces and supports and struggled with the physical and emotional tole of her condition. She now is taking daily medications and has to go for Biologic infusions at the Children's hospital every 4 weeks just to keep her pain under some sort of control - and it still isn't perfect.

Parenting this has been especially challenging. There is so many times where I have been overwhelmed with information and questions on this journey. One late night and avid researching - I found Cassie and Friends. I knew that there had to be SOMEONE out there who understood what I was going through. I finally didn't feel alone..

Through Cassie and Friends, I have been able to be part of a team fundraising for things such as the Loan Cupboard at LHSC (providing supports and resources to families with JIA and other rheumatic diseases), Educate friends and family with informative, research based information, and find supports to help Charlotte no longer feel alone. 

Cassie and Friends is more than just a charity to me.
They are our community, our family and helping make a difference for our girl. 


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 06 Aunt Wilma and Family $100.00
Aug 06 Aunt Catharine and Bob Lots of love! xoxo $250.00
Aug 02 Theresa Kusch $50.00
Aug 01 Linda Vivian $30.00
Jul 21 Jen Franssen $25.00
Jul 21 Corinne Cvitkovic $50.00
Jul 17 Brenda and Clare Wettlaufer $50.00
Jul 05 Arthritis Buddy Way to go Charlotte!!!!!! $50.00
Apr 28 $50.00 $50.00