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For participating in Scotiabank Calgary Marathon 2021

My Story…

Jason’s story begins with my story. I was diagnosed at 7 years old with JRA. The treatments were few the damage life long. How far we have come. Fast forward 30 something years. My 20 month old has been in hospital for 4 weeks with fever and joint swelling, has gone through a battery of tests and the physiotherapist examines every tiny little joint. She finds more swollen joints. The rheumatologist confirms what I already know. He was diagnosed with Juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Ok, we know what it is. We can fight this. I didn’t know what the road ahead would look like. We are 6 years into this fight. Jason has attained medical remission and flared. He has had weeks of fevers, infections he couldn’t fight. His journey has been anything but easy but the fight has been worth it. This year has been a year of challenges but even bigger successes. We are closer then ever to solving the puzzle that is Jason. Thanks to incredible doctors that are dedicated to making children’s lives better. Under the care of the best rheumatologist, and countless specialists who just wouldn’t give up. Getting to the right doctors at the right times has been life changing. Along the way we had the support of Cassie and Friends. They pushed for better treatment, for access to treatment, they at times gave me the push I needed when I was tired. I am forever grateful to this organization that supports the rheumatology department at Alberta Children’s Hospital. I am forever grateful to the friends and family who have donated, walked, cheered, shared our story. It has lead to changes that have improved the quality of mine and other children’s lives. Thank you. ❤️


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 19 Eirik $50.00
Sep 19 Susana Andrade $25.00
Sep 19 Dana Stys So sorry for the delay! Love your biggest cheerleader ever! $250.00
Sep 19 Breanne Sampson $50.00
Sep 19 Deanna and Matt McWhirter Way to go guys! Always so inspired by Jason and his strength ❤️ $25.00
Sep 19 Pat and Carl Schu You can do this! $50.00
Sep 19 Finn $25.00
Sep 19 Amanda Lye $50.00
Sep 19 Donna Ruggins You are real life inspirational heroes! Much love xo $100.00
Sep 19 Christine Allo Auntie will be with you, Jason! We won’t let arthritis win! $100.00