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After one incredible first year running the Falmouth Road Race, Alex and I will be participating once again!!

The Ellie Fund is one unique organization that started to help breast cancer patients in ways that no one thinks of. The Ellie Fund isn't just another non-profit, it's the invisible family and support that a patient needs. 

The Ellie Fund supports active breast cancer patients by giving them essential services during their treatment. For months patients are granted grocery store gift cards, prepared meals, childcare assistance, housekeeping, transportation assistance and integrative therapies. Each patient is able to select which services will be the most helpful to them and their family.  

During the pandemic Alex and I witnessed first hand how essential these services were. Patients that lost their household income where waiting for our gift cards to feel a sense of normalcy. They were waiting for meals to be delivered to feed their family, and they needed transportation to navigate to their treatments safely. The Ellie Fund was able to adjust to make sure that we could support our patients with whatever COVID-19 modification needed to happen. People relied on the Ellie Fund, and they never stopped. 

Any donation makes a difference. All money will go to a breast cancer patient in need. Your donation will give a patient a chance to not have to make a devastating choice between their life saving treatment and a basic necessity. No choosing between whether they can afford food for their family or going to their next appointment. Breast cancer is one of the most financially crippling diagnosis, and although there is no cure, we can all do what we can to help someone that could use just a little more help. It's what we would want it roles were reversed.

Thank you in advance and here's to another amazing race!


Kellie and Alex

Donate to help Kellie raise money for The 2021 ASICS Falmouth Road Race’s fundraising campaign.

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