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For participating in The 2021 ASICS Falmouth Road Race

Help support Carlisle Jensen on Team ALS ONE in this year's Falmouth Road Race!

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You know the story. My amazing father Paul Jensen was diagnosed with ALS in 2018 and sadly passed away in Nov. 2020.ALS took him from the world way too soon.

Paul was an incredible father and friend - he even let his sassy middle daughter call him Pauly instead of dad. When Pauly was first diagnosed with ALS, I was devastated by the idea that we would not be able to do all the things we loved to do together. Paul was a skier, a river rafter, a paddle player, a fake runner, a tinkerer, a handy man, a dog walker, a errand runner, a gardener, a swimmer, a soccer referee, and so much more. When Pauly and I were together we never stopped moving ( hence the running 🏃🏻‍♀️) 

ALS took most of this away from us. But ALS also gave us more quality time together. There wasn't a day over the past three years that I didn't see or speak to Paul. He was always the first person to greet me as I would rambunctiously enter the house and yell "did you miss me?" - everyday and multiple times a day.  One of the benefits of being a “boomerang” kid.  

ALS taught us both how to be still, how to listen, and how to enjoy the little things. I am so grateful that ALS never took away the person that Paul truly was. Paul was patient, kind, goofy, smart, witty, and so on and so on.  

MGH Neurology and the team at the Healy Center made us all feel hopeful throughout his diagnosis and treatment. Paul was patient #1 in the BIB078 genetic trail. He was so excited and grateful to know that he was a key part of groundbreaking ALS research. He also took great pride in knowing that his role in the trail would be helping us (his daughters) in the future.

That is why I am running in his memory. ALS One unites research and care. The partnerships they foster between care organizations and research teams is invaluable. Their team includes some of the most incredible doctors, nurses, caregivers, and some of Team Jensen’s all time heros. 


Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! 

I'm so proud to be a member of TEAM ALS ONE in this year's Falmouth Road Race!  

Your support means the world to me and will help to advance critical research at MGH, UMass Medical School, and ALS TDI, while providing essential care resources and equipment to individuals living with ALS via Compassionate Care ALS - all incredible partners that make up ALS ONE.  

Your  donation is fully tax-deductible, as ALS ONE is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

To learn more about ALS ONE, visit their website at:

A big THANK YOU to all who have donated so far!

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 15 Carlisle Jensen For Paul Jensen $55.35
Aug 15 Janet Hart $273.35
Aug 11 INSTAGRAM FUNDRAISER Thank you to all of the generous donors of my Instagram fundraiser! XOXO! $1,251.76
Aug 08 The Mitchells Wooooooot go Carlisle!!! $109.85
Jul 03 Tom Jarz , The Juice Bar Family, and Sara Gleason Undisclosed amount
Jun 30 Anonymous xoxox Undisclosed amount
Jun 07 Facebook Fundraiser Donations from Amy Lynne, and Melissa Murphy. $75.00
Jun 07 the Finnegan fam We love you, neighbors ! Xx $273.35
Jun 07 Laura Belair Your dad is beaming with pride XO $109.85
Jun 06 Sam and Cappy Daume Love your determination and attitude! Xoxo Hamilton Cheering Squad $273.35