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I'm Making My Miles More Meaningful

I am excited to be a part of the American Cancer Society’s team for the Falmouth Road Race this year.

It is a cause and race that has a lot of meaning to me as my mother passed away from Neuro-Endocrine Cancer 10 years ago. 

However, I wouldn’t be running this race if it wasn’t for my family’s deep connect to Cape Cod. Every summer growing up, our family would travel with my Mother’s family for a week on the Cape. Many of my favorite memories of my mother and my childhood in general came from those days on Cape Cod. 

That being said, I am bringing my young family to Cape Cod this summer for the first time, just as my parents started doing all those years ago. While I am excited to share this place with my children, it is somewhat bittersweet to be going without my Mom. That is the reason that I am running the race this year. While my Mom isn’t there to share our vacation, I am looking forward to running in honor of my mother, in a place that she loved so much. 


Why I Support the American Cancer Society

Cancer has affected so many people I know and love that it’s inspired me to join this American Cancer Society event. Taking part in this event gives me the chance to make a difference and honor those touched by cancer by raising funds for groundbreaking research and services for people dealing with cancer. I’m also participating to inspire hope for those facing the disease and raising money for the American Cancer Society's event to help save lives from cancer.  I hope you’ll consider signing up too.

Funds raised support cancer patient programs and groundbreaking research that can help save lives. This event also celebrates over 15.5 million cancer survivors nationwide. 15.5 MILLION. That’s huge. That’s why I’d love your support. Will you join me? And if you can’t would you be so kind as to make a donation?


Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 16 Gary Galbreath $33.55
Jun 06 Susan, Simona, and Carmella Casabella $109.85
May 26 Justin Brown Undisclosed amount
May 25 Cat Meyer Herritt Please no ZZ Top beard. Have a great race! $28.10
Apr 15 Freshman Year Hallmate You already know what kind of hair I want to see on your face. Applied with a ping pong ball, please. $11.75
Apr 14 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 13 Ryan Rainha McParland $109.85
Apr 09 Melissa Ruvio $28.10
Apr 09 Tina Marie Pearce $164.35
Apr 09 Gay Katilius Good luck, Anthony! $28.10