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My Story…

Thanks for visiting my page and, hopefully, for donating to Next Step. I believe in the work that Next Step is doing to help young people with serious illnesses navigate the transition to adulthood. If you're here, I'm sure you do, too.

Next Step's mission is to shatter limitations and elevate aspirations of young people with serious illness during this transitional period. If you or someone in your life is dealing with a serious illness, I would be honored to add their name to a notecard I'll carry with me during the race (regardless of your donation level) as a reminder to myself of the importance and impact of Next Step's work. 

Thank you,



Next Step empowers teens and young adults living with with life-threatening diseases to successfully transition from childhood to adulthood and into an adult healthcare system, creating their brightest future. This is done by providing extensive support and teaching essential life skills to help our participants to effectively manage their illness, maintain optimum emotional health, and succeed in their professional career. To accomplish these goals, the Next Step programs address the physical, emotional and developmental issues unique to these young adults through our community, music, and mentorship program and moving our young people closer to, "I believe in me."

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Jul 27 Ashley Boynton Such a great cause. Run fast! 🏃‍♂️ $109.85
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Jul 12 Katie, Terence, Avery & Libby Bundy Go Reilly! Run fast! $28.10
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Jun 30 Izzy West Zoom zoom! Run fast Reilly!! Miss you lots <3 Izzy xx $22.65
Jun 27 Markus McGuffie Hey sexy ;) $55.35
Jun 14 Gene Do it for the deer $11.75
Jun 14 Chris Soldan Pls don't stop, your IG videos are one of the highlights of my day! $28.10
Jun 13 Ariana :) You’re the best! $28.10
Jun 13 Saz Fay $28.10