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My Story…

Hi Everyone! 

As you all know, STW has been a cause extremely close to my heart for many years now. I am thrilled to be running the Falmouth Road Race on the organization's behalf as it is now more than ever that education in Central America needs our support! Think of all the ways COVID has changed our education system and all the struggles we have faced over the past year - we cannot imagine what these obstacles look like in areas where resources (both health wise and technologically) are incredibly scarce. 

Join me in recognizing the wonderful work STW has done and continues to do. Running the Falmouth Road Race will allow me to further my support of this wonderful cause and if you are able, I encourage you to join! You may donate on this page, take a look at STW's website or maybe even look to run the Falmouth Road Race next year! 

Thank you and happy summer! 

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