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Help Corey raise money

For participating in The 2021 ASICS Falmouth Road Race

My Story…

WellStrong has supported me in my recovery journey over the past 4+ years. I’m grateful to be running the Falmouth Road Race and raising funds for them.

4 years ago I was hopeless and couldn’t stop using substances and felt like there was no way out. Thanks to the community and programs like Wellstrong I’ve been able to maintain sobriety and accomplish goals over my time in recovery.

Through the support of WellStrong I’ve run my first triathlon, took my first yoga class, developed a meditation practice, and grown to enjoy running participating in a 200 mile relay race and 3 years of the Falmouth Road Race. Not to mention being part of the supportive community.

Please consider a donation to this organization that’s helping to save lives and provide the support to heal mind, body, and spirit! 


WellStrong’s mission is to create safe, supportive communities of people in recovery from substance use disorder through fitness, wellness and meditation.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 02 Jeff & Julie Payne Great job Corey!!! $28.10
Aug 14 The Eagle...Sponge Bob....Patrick...Mike ...Brendan P $300.00
Aug 14 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 13 Nicole Gonsalves You’re welcome punk $55.35
Aug 13 Joe and Chelsey Good luck! Undisclosed amount
Aug 12 Mike and Julia Maniates Run Forest Run! $28.10
Aug 12 Sam Scott Love you guys Undisclosed amount
Aug 12 Nichole Maiolini I hope you win ! $28.10
Aug 12 Danny O’K Remember second place is first loser Corey $25.00
Aug 12 By The Seasons Inc. Stay steady and strong, don’t look over your shoulder! $100.00