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Emily Whitehead is a 3-time leukemia survivor. She was the first child in the world to receive a breakthrough T-cell immunotherapy to finally beat her leukemia. Emily is alive today because of cancer research. We saw firsthand how cancer research is saving lives; however, there are still children losing their lives every day because of limited treatment options for high-risk patients like Emily. Children who have their cancer return are harder to treat because their cancer becomes resistant to standard therapies. Cutting edge treatments like the T-cell therapy are needed to help cure these children but funding is limited. Childhood cancer receives only 4% of the National Cancer Institute budget for research. Many researchers rely on grants from non-profit organizations and private donors who are dedicated to raising funds for childhood cancer research. Please visit for more info on our efforts to find a cure for childhood cancer!

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
May 14 Team Tonti Go Jennifer! We will miss cheering you on once again! Always so proud of you! $27.48
May 10 Hyalker L. Amaral Continued best wishes to Emily! $54.10
May 07 Jess Savarese Congrats Emily and happy 16th birthday!! Undisclosed amount
May 06 Emily Whitehead Foundation Remembering Nicole Gularte. Emily, you were her hero! I'm so proud of you! Undisclosed amount
May 05 Anonymous Happy Birthday! Go Emily. Undisclosed amount
May 03 We Believe Happy Birthday Em!! ❤ Undisclosed amount
May 03 Mark Flower Happy 16th birthday Emily! Run like the wind :) $54.10
May 01 Sarah Wilson Your posts are always touching and I read them all. Best of luck on your race. $22.15
Apr 30 Diana Karlinsey Way to go, Molly! $27.48
Apr 29 Kathy and Fred DiMuccio We believe ❤️ $27.48