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Young Adult Survivors United

Raise money for Young Adult Survivors United

YASU is the largest virtual wellness community in Western PA for young adult cancer survivors and their co-survivors,

providing them the ability to cope and thrive from emotional, social, and financial support under

professional guidance and with peers who understand and can relate.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
May 11 Michael Sorg $27.48
May 03 Chelsea Forrester You go girl !!! $27.48
May 03 Laura Proud sister $27.48
May 02 Jenny N $22.15
May 02 Scott Connelly Rockstar!!! $54.10
May 02 Wayne & Sue Great job guys $27.48
May 02 Anna Jackson Go Katie!!! $11.50
May 01 Chris and Lindsay Litterini Way to go Katie!! Undisclosed amount
May 01 Jody $27.48
May 01 Mom $36.53