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Endometriosis & Chronic Pelvic Pain are common & often debilitating for all those affected. Delays to diagnosis and adequate treatment result in many girls, women and individuals suffering during the prime of their lives. Missing school, work and important life milestones is part and parcel of these conditions. Our goal at The Ottawa Hospital Minimally Invasive Gynecology Group is to help raise awareness, advocate for better health delivery and improve access for those who need it most. Endometriosis is manageable and we can improve lives, we just need to speak and fight for those who cannot. Please support our efforts in research and advocacy for endometriosis care.

Donate to help Sukhbir Sony raise money for Tamarack Ottawa Virtual Race Weekend 2021’s fundraising campaign.


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Jun 11 Sony Singh We DID it! Congratulations Everyone! Undisclosed amount
Jun 02 Michelle M. (The Happy Pelvis) Thanks to the support + dedication of your team, you are creating a better future for all of us with pelvic pain and endometriosis. $25.00
May 29 Annik Chevalley Thank you for the work, compassion and dedication of your team. You are creating a better tomorrow for all touched by endometriosis. $150.00
May 26 Rodney and Marites Steiman Dr. Singh, you are simply the answer to our prayers and we wish you every success in your work to bring relief to those suffering from endometriosis. $10,000.00
May 23 Ranjit Singh We are so proud of the work you and your team have done in Women's Health. Congratulations. $500.00
May 23 Leena Patel Thank you Dr Singh for all your tireless work in advancing women's complex health issues. It's an honour to support you & your great team. $150.00
May 21 Anonymous Thank you 🙏 $50.00
May 17 Kim Lancaster Dr. Singh is a pelvic pain and women's health super hero! Thank you for all you do. $100.00
May 17 Karen Deme Undisclosed amount
May 14 Wendy Young Thank You Dr. Singh and your team at the womens health centre, and Thank You for this opportunity to support and cheer you! Run run! :-) Undisclosed amount