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For over 75 years, our passion has been to invest in youth wholeness. As a Christian youth-serving agency, our vision is seeing “transformed youth transforming our city.” We target community youth ages 10-25 of all faiths, cultural backgrounds and economic levels. We mobilize them through: Community Outreach, Critical Care Programs, Innovative Centres, Leadership Development, Marketplace Initiative and Trips, Camps & Events. Ultimately, give our youth the opportunity and supoprt to positively influence their own community and beyond.



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Team information

YU in South Central Etobicoke

Raised: CA$12,656.54


Raised: CA$3,250.00

Walk & Roll 4 YU

Raised: CA$1,465.00

Mel's Mighty Marathoners

Raised: CA$1,325.00

Youth Unlimited

Raised: CA$0.00


Fundraiser information

Katie Ogiba

Raised: CA$1,805.54

Monica Kay

Raised: CA$1,700.00

Es Arroz-Kim

Raised: CA$1,545.00

Rebecca Cripps

Raised: CA$1,500.00

Emily and Casey Webb

Raised: CA$1,265.00

Mel Kollar

Raised: CA$1,225.00

Andrew Ironside

Raised: CA$1,160.00

Dani Hoover

Raised: CA$1,125.00

Stephanie Ironside

Raised: CA$1,030.00

Rochelle Bragg

Raised: CA$956.00

Jennifer Galicinski

Raised: CA$935.00

Sue Banik

Raised: CA$900.00

Jennifer Victor

Raised: CA$370.00

Lucy Cripps

Raised: CA$305.00

Angela Tozer

Raised: CA$300.00

Sophia Cockram

Raised: CA$250.00

Emma Fitzell

Raised: CA$200.00

Deirdre Thornton

Raised: CA$150.00

Sean Mckimmon

Raised: CA$150.00

Kathy Webb

Raised: CA$100.00

Terry Wainwright

Raised: CA$100.00

Kate Moore

Raised: CA$75.00

Nathan Kim

Raised: CA$50.00

Charles Victor

Raised: CA$25.00

Melissa Siqueira

Raised: CA$25.00

Lindsay Sanderson

Raised: CA$5.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 15 Nancy and Brian Stanger Good luck with your marathon and have fun. This is a great cause to support. Undisclosed amount
May 15 Leslie Fromow Go Mel go! Good for you. Undisclosed amount
May 14 East West Futons I hope this is a jump in what you want to raise praise God for all your great work CA$500.00
May 14 Steve and Jeni Hooer Run? Walk? Why can't you skateboard! ;) Have fun! Undisclosed amount
May 14 George Nenos Good Luck! CA$100.00
May 14 Andy and Jolaine Montgomery We hope the event goes well!! Have fun! CA$50.00
May 14 Romano Family Have a great time : ) Undisclosed amount
May 13 Ron & Kelly Go Mel Go! Undisclosed amount
May 12 Darcie Adrian CA$50.00
May 12 Cassie Donald Good luck with your run Dani! CA$25.00