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Raise money for Peel Learning Foundation

The Peel Learning Foundation is a community based, charitable organization that raises funds to enable Peel District School Board students to achieve personal excellence by providing resources that help them overcome barriers. Our goal is to raise funds to level the playing field and help students do more and achieve more.    

1 in 5 students attending school in Peel Region faces issues related to poverty that prevent them from fully participating in school.

And in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever, students are turning to the Peel Learning Foundation for support. 

In 2020, requests to the Student Emergency Needs program grew to 1,121 students from 312 in 2019. 

Many students come to school hungry because there’s no food at home. Others lack basic necessities like winter clothing or school supplies. Students also face difficult challenges in the home environment where a parent or guardian has lost a job or there’s an emergency situation that requires a compassionate response. Students and their families and caregivers have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 - and thanks to generous donors, the Foundation can say 'yes' when we receive a request for help.

Thank  you for supporting this important work through the Mississauga Marathon. 


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Ridgeview Rockets

Raised: CA$805.00

Peel Learning Foundation

Raised: CA$25.00

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Apr 22 Claire Peters CA$25.00