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Women's Shelters Canada

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Shelters support women and children fleeing violence. We support the shelters.

In 2009, drawn together by a shared vision to end violence against women, these associations began giving shape to Women’s Shelters Canada (formerly the Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters & Transition Houses). Together, we have become a national, collaborative voice for change. The Network was incorporated and became a charitable organization in November 2012.

Our Vision

We are working towards a world where:

  • Everybody matters – people of all genders, all cultures, all faiths, all abilities are valued and have equitable access to resources, power and justice, and all are safe from violence.
  • Society uses an inclusive, intersectional, equity-based lens to make decisions.
  • Organizations and systems are collaborative and accountable.
  • The Earth, on which we all depend for survival, is protected.

Our Mission

We provide a strong, unified, pan-Canadian voice on the issue of violence against women. With our voice, we help increase awareness to ensure that policies, legislation and regulations are informed by the experiences and insights of our members, the provincial and territorial shelter networks.

We create opportunities to exchange ideas, learn from one another and share resources. We connect knowledgeable and dedicated individuals from coast to coast to coast, so that new ideas are born, best practices are promoted and transferred and those who work in our challenging field feel more connected and more supported. All of this helps to ensure the women and children who turn to shelters and transition houses receive the most effective and compassionate support possible.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that ensuring women’s human rights is a public responsibility, and that governments and communities are responsible for it.
  • We believe that women’s human rights include the right of all women to live free from violence.
  • We believe that to implement these rights, governments and communities need to recognize in their decisions and actions the diversity and dignity of all women.
  • We believe that the women’s shelter movement plays a critical leadership role in the provincial/territorial, national, and global effort to end violence against women and their children.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jan 31 Jan Ramsay Undisclosed amount
Jan 31 Kristina Simmons $27.80
Jan 31 Anonymous $27.80
Jan 28 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jan 24 Amy Bowes $27.80
Jan 21 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jan 18 Mike Paquette $27.80
Jan 18 Jenn Fudge Undisclosed amount
Jan 18 Rachel Aharan $54.63
Jan 18 Anonymous Undisclosed amount