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Boomer's Legacy

Raise money for Boomer's Legacy

Military Personnel Command / Chief Military Personnel (MPC/CMP) is the personnel management and supporting arm of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). As such, they are actively engaged in medical services at home and on operations, show support to military families, and care for the ill and injured. For this reason, the public are invited to contribute to and support Boomer’s Legacy as the chosen charity for the Victory March 2021.  

The goal of Boomer’s Legacy is to empower Canadian Armed Forces soldiers, sailors, aviators and airwomen by raising and providing charitable funds, thus helping them to help others. The intent behind Boomer’s Legacy was born out of the everyday actions taken by Corporal Andrew “Boomer” Eykelenboom. Cpl Andrew Eykelenboom, a dedicated soldier and a Canadian Armed Forces medic, was killed by a vehicle borne IED on August 11, 2006. 

Throughout Andrew’s service he was committed to saving lives and helping the Afghan people realize freedom. His death was the catalyst to creating Boomer’s Legacy to help men and women in uniform make a positive difference in the lives of others. Andrew’s humanitarian spirit lives on through Boomer’s Legacy, committed to “Helping our Troops Help Others at home and abroad”. 

Boomer’s Legacy fund humanitarian initiatives with the goal of building local capacity to provide a lasting impact. Projects vary from helping a family, a school, a hospital or an area, to providing opportunities for women and veterans, and improving health care or education conditions.

Boomer’s Legacy raises awareness of our military’s efforts on deployed operations at home and around the globe and raise funds for Boomer’s Legacy- funds our soldiers can access to further help the people in communities where they serve.


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Klingon

Raised: $9,233.65

The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment

Raised: $6,487.30

Boomer's Team

Raised: $4,348.73

Team M&M

Raised: $3,507.67

PTS Peer Support Meaford

Raised: $2,707.84

Illuminate Viam (COATS 2021)

Raised: $2,537.22

The Rocky Mountain Rangers Regiment and Friends

Raised: $2,228.94

Warsaw Walkers

Raised: $2,020.45

Conflict and Complaint Management Services Central Region

Raised: $2,003.21

Royal Canadian Legion "The Liberation of the Netherlands" Branch 005

Raised: $1,974.41

Director Casualty Support Management / Directeur Gestion du soutien aux blessés

Raised: $1,899.30

CAF Physio

Raised: $1,640.42

14 MSS Replenishment Flight

Raised: $1,062.34

The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada

Raised: $963.38

Formation Europe Team

Raised: $869.69

Veterans Affairs Canada / Anciens Combattants Canada

Raised: $858.77

PTS Peer Support Meaford 2

Raised: $824.46

33 Combat Engineer Regiment Association

Raised: $753.54

JTF NIJMEGEN Command Team / VIP Team

Raised: $739.96


Raised: $729.21

32 Signal Regiment

Raised: $682.67

Legacy Memorial Challenge

Raised: $601.38

19 Wing Comox

Raised: $577.99

Per Caliginem

Raised: $548.23

Team Rustenburg

Raised: $531.30

No Rucks Given

Raised: $505.19


Raised: $470.98

Defence Construction Canada / Construction de Défense Canada

Raised: $404.88

Team Tokyo

Raised: $385.32

FGH Stan Butterworth

Raised: $382.45


Raised: $343.13

878 Mountain Ruckers

Raised: $326.83

37 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters

Raised: $324.97

Ft Mac

Raised: $324.93

Marching Mommas

Raised: $317.31

Operation Freedom Paws Canada

Raised: $311.70

JCSP Students

Raised: $299.05

3 MP Regt

Raised: $297.12

On se souvient

Raised: $289.20

Régiment du Saguenay et Fusiliers du St-Laurent

Raised: $285.71

Viking Stroller

Raised: $272.63

435 Transport & Rescue Squadron

Raised: $270.46

Almelo Commemoration

Raised: $258.99

Beaner's Keeners

Raised: $254.59

The Breakfast Club 2021

Raised: $244.60

CAF Med Unit (BC)

Raised: $244.42

Commissionaires National Team / Commissionnaires équipe nationale

Raised: $243.54

Female AF

Raised: $241.92

HRD Ottawa

Raised: $238.49


Raised: $227.76


Raised: $226.06


Raised: $219.51

March Madness

Raised: $216.69

713 Squadron RCACS

Raised: $187.29

1 Field Ambulance

Raised: $187.29

Watchdog 3

Raised: $175.61

Crazy Coombs Clan

Raised: $165.83

Ruck 2 Remember

Raised: $165.83

SupMM Techs

Raised: $164.86

Princess Louise Fusiliers

Raised: $164.00

22 CF H Svcs C

Raised: $163.91


Raised: $162.06

MH Log

Raised: $155.23

MJ Ops

Raised: $149.26


Raised: $144.87

Team Slusar

Raised: $139.00

103 Thunderbird RCACS

Raised: $138.03

Yellowknife Bear Marchers

Raised: $138.03

21 Electronic Warfare Regiment

Raised: $133.31

876 Lincoln Alexander RCACS

Raised: $132.66

5ième Régiment de Police Militaire

Raised: $129.23

Team RMC

Raised: $124.86

Canadian Forces Combat Camera

Raised: $121.93


Raised: $115.59

173 Royal Tiger Air Cadet Squadron

Raised: $111.20


Raised: $109.26

431 Warriors 20k

Raised: $108.40

March to Remember

Raised: $108.31

DG Ethics and Investigations (DEP, DSEI, AISC)

Raised: $108.31

Wycliffe Wyverns

Raised: $108.31

Laid-Back Penguins

Raised: $108.31

101 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps TIGER

Raised: $108.31

76 Communication Regiment

Raised: $104.63

The Prince Edward Island Regiment

Raised: $93.40

84th Independent Field Battery, RCA

Raised: $83.40

Windsor, On.

Raised: $83.40

IBM Canada Veterans BRG

Raised: $83.40


Raised: $82.43

Team Kuyper

Raised: $82.43

Huckleberry Finn's

Raised: $82.43

42 Grey & Simcoe Foresters Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

Raised: $82.43


Raised: $80.60


Raised: $78.03

Garrison Support Pl, CFB Petawawa

Raised: $77.06

296 City of Cambridge Air Cadets

Raised: $75.60

TC London & Partners

Raised: $71.70

Café Félin Ma Langue Aux Chats

Raised: $70.60

2295 Royal Winnipeg Rifles RCACC

Raised: $66.33


Raised: $55.60

Milles Pattes

Raised: $55.60


Raised: $55.60

364 Lancaster Sqn RCAirC

Raised: $55.60


Raised: $55.60

Speedy Spuds

Raised: $54.63


Raised: $54.63

Lake to Lake Team

Raised: $54.63

Canadian Dutchies

Raised: $54.63


Raised: $54.63

Canadian UAVs

Raised: $54.63

Hermes Hikers

Raised: $54.63

Nijmegen comeback tour 2021

Raised: $54.63


Raised: $52.80

402 City of Winnipeg Squadron

Raised: $51.20

VAC National Team

Raised: $50.23

12 (Vancouver) Field Ambulance

Raised: $44.87

430 ETAH Valcartier

Raised: $40.00

RCEME Winnipeg

Raised: $34.13


Raised: $32.80

National Capital Region

Raised: $32.80

North Saskatchewan Regiment

Raised: $27.80

Soldier On Members

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80

Team Cutter

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80

Canal Du Nord

Raised: $27.80

Military Police Security Service MPSS

Raised: $27.80

Borden's Best FSI's

Raised: $27.80

4 MSS Replen

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $27.80

CDLS Washington - Stronger Together

Raised: $27.80

Team Jiang

Raised: $27.80

5e / 55e ambulance de campagne

Raised: $27.80


Raised: $25.00

CAF Med Unit (BC)

Raised: $25.00

Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke / The Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment

Raised: $22.43

Queen without crown

Raised: $22.43


Raised: $20.00

121 Red Arrows Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Raised: $17.07

5e Régiment

Raised: $11.70

450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron Vikings

Raised: $11.70

Dutch/Swiss MarComGrp

Raised: $11.70

Three Volts Cruz

Raised: $11.70

Garrison St. John's

Raised: $11.70

German Navy, Cops, and Friends

Raised: $10.00

JTF Nijmegen Challenge

Raised: $10.00

Da Bois

Raised: $6.33

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 21 Aidan Dauphinee Undisclosed amount
May 21 Lorraine Fischer $27.80
May 19 Maureen $65.37
May 19 Lisa_Comox $108.31
May 17 Anonymous Great job Emerald & Mom! $65.37
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