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For participating in Running 4 Answers, a Race Against Alzheimer's

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My Story…

2 1/2 years ago year my father lost his battle with Alzheimer’s. However he didn’t leave us without the most important lesson he could teach our family, “do the right thing”. April 24th, we gear up for the 4th year of trying to do just that. Memories are worth fighting for.

Alzheimer’s took its toll on our family but it also left us with some reminders of the good that’s out there. From the support staff (nurses, assisted living staff, and more) to friends who checked in on us to family who visited and to strangers who saw us having a bad and offered to hold the door or even just a kind smile- this disease left us with a continued reminder to always do the right thing. Our Hope in fundraising is just that.

Any donation (big or small), good vibe, or even a quick run is appreciated 💜

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Apr 23 Joe Williamson $267.10
Apr 23 Kacie Higgins Thank you for fighting for answers! You’re the best! $27.48
Apr 23 Milo! $107.35
Apr 19 Judy Lawlor You are awesome❤️ $54.10
Apr 19 Tammy Erskine 💜You are amazing! $27.48
Apr 18 Melissa Undisclosed amount
Apr 18 Susie Rando Love you girl!! $80.73
Apr 17 Jessi Gregory 💜 $27.48
Apr 17 Evie M $27.48
Apr 17 Brie (Pollypocket) OTF $54.10