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IC Imagine

Raise money for IC Imagine

IC Imagine is a K-12 charter school serving 1250 students across western NC.  All donations will support the construction of a 3.2 mile cross-country trail that will traverse its campus.  This addition will increase outdoor opportunities for all students, which fosters their appreciation of the environment and develops them as citizens of our world.  Additionally, the trail will provide dedicated space for IC Imagine's growing athletics program, including cross-country and mountain biking.

Think about the experiences you have had outside. Think about the sights you have seen, sounds you have heard and aromas you have smelled.  Think about those you have met along the way and friendships you have made. Think about the life lessons you have learned. Think about how you have been strengthened in body, mind and spirit.  This is what we want for our students and anyone who traverses and experiences The Trail at IC Imagine