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Improving the Lives of Our Nation's Veterans and First Responders in Need by Helping Them Get Off The Couch™ and Reengage in Living an Active, Meaningful & Productive Life Through Our Outdoor Adventures, Warrior PATHH and Disaster Response Mission Programs. 

The US Department of Veterans Affairs states that more than 6,000 Veterans die by suicide each year, and other statistics show that twice as many First Responders die by suicide than in the line of duty. By gathering together Sheep Dogs who have suffered similar traumas & experiences, SDIA has found that the camaraderie and peer support they receive fosters healing and is critical to their overall well-being. When Sheep Dogs #GetOffTheCouch™, their attitude, motivation and perspective are drastically improved. Your generous support allows SDIA to ENGAGE, ASSIST & EMPOWER our nation’s heroes to Get Off The Couch™ with their brothers & sisters, which prevents suicides in our Veteran and First Responder communities

Your donations will go to the following programs/causes: 

  • Christmas Eve first responders care packages - will deliver these to every first responder, EMS, and law enforcement in various counties.
  • Holiday program - for helping Sheep Dog families in need with a Christmas meal and donations towards children's gifts
  • Warrior PATHH for veterans and first responders - This program helps veterans and first responders struggling with PTSD through a 5 day program, followed by 18 months of online meetings and support. 


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Recent donors
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Nov 25 Anonymous $11.50
Nov 24 Kelly Mapes $6.18
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Nov 24 Anonymous Jason $6.18
Nov 24 Anonymous Sheep Dog Assistance $6.18
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Nov 23 Anonymous $27.48
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Nov 22 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Nov 21 Nicole Valentine $11.50