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Albany State University - DeKalb Chapter

Raise money for Albany State University - DeKalb Chapter

The HBCUAA schools provide thousands of dollars in scholarships to students attending their respective alma maters each year, as well as contribute to the Mayor’s Youth program.  The Run/Walk is one of the premiere scholarship fundraisers allowing the group to continue to provide the gift of education. We sincerely thank you for your donation.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jun 26 Butler Wallace IV Butler Wallace IV $100.00
Jun 26 Michael Lewis Go Rams $58.18
Jun 26 Papa J, Felisha, Willis From Papa J, Felisha ,Willis $75.00
Jun 25 William Tyson $26.68
Jun 25 Phyllis Brown I’m so excited to support an HBCU institution! As I donate today, I pray that it impacts student achievement and the next generation! $25.00
Jun 24 Naeem Roberts $26.68
Jun 24 Nicole Broyard Good luck, Monica! $52.93
Jun 24 Chiniqua Dixon $26.68
Jun 23 1st Stop Emission & 1st Stop Transport Undisclosed amount
Jun 23 Barry Hayden Go Rams Undisclosed amount