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Shaw University

Raise money for Shaw University

The HBCUAA schools provide thousands of dollars in scholarships to students attending their respective alma maters each year, as well as contribute to the Mayor’s Youth program.  The Run/Walk is one of the premiere scholarship fundraisers allowing the group to continue to provide the gift of education. We sincerely thank you for your donation.


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jul 05 L Sanders $52.93
Jul 01 Angela Crumbley I support HBCU’s $30.00
Jun 28 Linda’s Crew Sandra Ray $200 Jamie Hightower $50 Cheri Allahar $25 Charlotte Nolan $25 Edith Williams $25 Mira Walton $25 Elizabeth Lambert $20 $388.93
Jun 27 Jasmine Latson Go Eintou!! You always represent our Alma Mater with so much pride!!!! SHAW U LETS GO! $105.43
Jun 27 Team Duncan Go Auntie !!!! Eintou $26.68
Jun 26 Anonymous $26.68
Jun 26 Keith Muhammad Represent Linda, Eintou and Jasmine Linda’s classmate Bro Keith DHS 78 $52.93
Jun 26 Shaka Go Eintou!!! Have fun working out while raising money for a worthwhile cause! Undisclosed amount
Jun 26 Kush The Black Unifier Education for Black liberation. $52.93
Jun 24 Louise Eintou Appreciate you and gladly assist with your cause. You GOooo! $105.43