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Help Noran raise money

For participating in 14th Annual HBCU Virtual 5K Run/Walk - Atlanta, Georgia

My Story…

As a graduate of HBCUs (Clark Atlanta University and Fayetteville State University), and as a  professor at HBCUs in the field of Education as a professor, I ask you to support students and faculty of these alumni chapters and/or any of the HBCUs that you or a family member may choose.

 I ask that all of you who support my run for HBCUs please contribute to help me reach the goal minimum goal  of raising 2021. 00 and an overall goal of 5,021.00 for this year (Hopefully, at least 2510.50 for each of my alumni represented chapters this year). Also, I ask others who want to support my efforts as a faculty member who has tirelessly served at least two institutions to remember (HBCU Faculty Matter Too!. I ask you to support my page and my run in honor of any other HBCU that you represent!

I run for FSU Atlanta Alumni Chapter and CAU Atlanta Alumni Chapter too! (Step up former and current students for your HBCU)

I want to challenge and invite all the undergraduate, and, especially doctoral dissertation Alumnus  for whom I have served as a professor and/or dissertation committee member or served as your Dissertation Chair at CAU and FSU to support my run as  graduates of both my Alma Maters (I run for both of them this year).

HBCU Faculty Matter- remember that without  students, alumni and tenured faculty, staff (doing the jobs behind the scenes such as maintenance, cafeteria, custodial- EVERY DAY HBCU People), we do not have an HBCU legacy,

Noran L. Moffett, EdD

 (“The People’s Professor”: I running for us all!)

Support HBCU Faculty who have stand in the game for the Students First!

Clicking on link to copies of the books share with your HBCU Library


::Clicking on link to donate copies of the books to your HBCU Library 



Donate to help Noran raise money for 14th Annual HBCU Virtual 5K Run/Walk - Atlanta, Georgia’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jul 01 LaKeshia Darden In solidarity… Undisclosed amount
Jul 01 15.00 Keep inspiring Undisclosed amount
Jun 28 Marcus J Wise $26.68
Jun 25 Anonymous $52.93
Jun 23 Cohort24K. Rob $26.68
Jun 22 Derrick Bullard Good Luck Dr. Moffett! $52.93
Jun 22 Anonymous $52.93
Jun 22 Cheryl D Thomas Keeping on the path to Greatness! Good Luck! Undisclosed amount
Jun 22 Fayetteville State Univ It's my pleasure to return the support! $26.68
Jun 21 Deborah Vasquez Best to you! Keep growing and glowing!! $26.68