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Reclaim Childhood

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Reclaim Childhood creates safe and inclusive spaces for refugee and local girls in Jordan to thrive by playing sports, working with coaches, and building community.

Reclaim Childhood started programming in 2008 with four weeks of summer sports camp, funded by a Kathryn Davis Peace Grant. Since then, RC has built on its flagship summer camp to expand to year-round after school sports practices, teen leadership development, and coach training in East Amman and Zarqa. Originally founded to serve the displaced Iraqi community, RC adapted to the dynamic refugee situation in Jordan and now provides programming for refugees from seven countries as well as the Jordanian host community. 

RC gets girls out of the house and onto the field, working towards three main goals:

1) To provide a safe space where participants can “Reclaim Childhood” and just be kids.

2) To empower and inspire girls and young women, by employing the positive impact of sport and play to build socioemotional and life skills.

3) To connect diverse communities that otherwise may not interact – refugees and host community Jordanians alike.


All components of the program take place in female-only spaces, led by local and refugee women who act as mentors and role models for participants. More specifically, these components include our After School Sports Program, Qudrati Teen Leadership Program, Summer Camp, and Coach Clinics.



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Team Fun (aka Ladd's Team)

Raised: $8,984.07

RC Board Bandits

Raised: $2,207.95

HBS Dead2Red Team 1

Raised: $2,181.39

Bex & The Beasts

Raised: $1,025.90

The Krieggelmeisters

Raised: $650.00

Tea and Miles

Raised: $536.76


Raised: $478.06

Nacho Average Squad

Raised: $467.53


Raised: $330.80

Scrambled Legs

Raised: $286.49

For Lucas

Raised: $108.20

Tuesday Night Run Club Pacifica

Raised: $107.35

RC Intern Alumni

Raised: $79.96

We’ve got the runzzz

Raised: $38.98

High School Homies

Raised: $27.48


Fundraiser information

Ladd Hamrick

Raised: $5,075.35

Robin Lippman

Raised: $3,162.21

Katherine Fischer

Raised: $1,457.35

Reg Jones

Raised: $428.55

Elise Racine

Raised: $322.05

Michelle Yi

Raised: $290.64

Caitlin Barrett

Raised: $267.10

Claire Spofford

Raised: $267.10


Raised: $267.10

Joseph Friedland

Raised: $161.45

Amrit Rathi

Raised: $123.40

Rachel Brissette

Raised: $108.21

Julia Cobb

Raised: $107.35

Bryan Rivard

Raised: $107.35

Ian Armony

Raised: $107.35

Sara Oliphant

Raised: $77.11

Becca Christiani

Raised: $61.35

Wendy McWeeny

Raised: $54.10

Sam Nicaise

Raised: $54.10

David Sandler

Raised: $47.80

Brandan Rivard

Raised: $27.48

Miranda Beggin

Raised: $27.48

Phelan McCormack

Raised: $27.48

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 04 Anonymous Donation to celebrate Becca’s birthday! $27.48
May 04 Charlotte Briere-Edney $533.35
May 03 Sam Lerner Please wear sunscreen and also crocs. You GOT THIS!! $54.10
May 01 Deepu and Aarti Proud of you for doing this. Happy to support this cause. Undisclosed amount
May 01 Anonymous Give it all you’ve got! $2,663.35
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Apr 28 Anonymous $32.80
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Apr 28 Anonymous $500.00