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ODBF was established to help build, strengthen and enhance community life by raising, managing and distributing funds to local charitable organizations. To-date, supporters have helped ODBF raise $4.9 million in support of 58 charities.

Your donation will help support inspiring local charities who are providing impactful programs and services to thousands of children and families during this stressful time. Charities including Plenty Canada, Helping With Furniture, Ottawa Riverkeeper, The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, OrKidstra, The Caring & Sharing Exchange, The Hearing Foundation of Canada, Ottawa Gatineau Youth Foundation, Tim Horton Children's Foundation, Breast Cancer Action, and Bruyere Foundation.


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Team information

Chinatown Showboat

Raised: CA$10,362.62

Fleet of Foote

Raised: CA$3,290.58

Wemo Waterwomen

Raised: CA$852.72

Herricane Winds

Raised: CA$791.10

Ottawa Dragon Masters (ODM)

Raised: CA$566.94

Bytown Dragon Boat Club

Raised: CA$461.99

Ottawa Dragon Boat Club

Raised: CA$88.76

McGuires on Land and Lake

Raised: CA$55.60

Équipe Nominingue

Raised: CA$27.80


Fundraiser information

Richard Martin

Raised: CA$5,150.49

Klaus Kollenberg

Raised: CA$2,383.35

Michael Sulyha

Raised: CA$1,540.29

Fleet of Foote

Raised: CA$1,208.19

andrew campbell

Raised: CA$537.69

Terry Longhorn

Raised: CA$324.92

Laura Kollenberg

Raised: CA$269.32

Pauline Cooper

Raised: CA$269.32

Robyn Curry

Raised: CA$269.32

Shona Fleming

Raised: CA$208.31

Vince Fagnan

Raised: CA$202.00

Sue Fagnan

Raised: CA$202.00

Julie McInnes

Raised: CA$154.63

Gabe de Puyjalon (Bytown Dragon Boat Club)

Raised: CA$108.31

Andy Church

Raised: CA$108.31

Gordon Krieg

Raised: CA$54.63

Jackline Chan

Raised: CA$54.63

Rebecca O'Reilly

Raised: CA$27.80

Cary Willis

Raised: CA$27.80

Jean Toomey

Raised: CA$6.33

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jul 23 The Barbershop CA$27.80
Jul 23 Ryan Keep it going!! CA$161.98
Jul 21 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jul 21 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jul 21 Lindy Ovens Undisclosed amount
Jul 21 Crystal Devlin CA$108.31
Jul 20 Sandy McCallum CA$22.43
Jul 20 Yvonne Robertson I hope this helps Michael. CA$108.31
Jul 15 Anonymous CA$1,074.41
Jul 14 Anonymous Undisclosed amount