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Raise money for Bethesda Medical Center

All donations will be processed through the Great Commission Foundation.


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Bethel Carstairs

Raised: CA$8,749.42

Jefferson Haiti TREK Team

Raised: CA$6,902.06

Team Yungblut

Raised: CA$2,419.52

Team Haiti

Raised: CA$1,807.97

Coral's Crew

Raised: CA$1,171.18

The Way Farers

Raised: CA$584.84

Bethel Go Walk Team

Raised: CA$108.31


Raised: CA$54.63

Team London

Raised: CA$11.70


Fundraiser information

Lea Jefferson

Raised: CA$4,943.64

Barry Yungblut

Raised: CA$1,729.91

Joni Taylor

Raised: CA$1,554.63

Bethesda Medical Center

Raised: CA$1,000.00

Ed Martens

Raised: CA$649.83

Carson Toothe

Raised: CA$623.97

Nancy Nelson

Raised: CA$580.06

Val Carleton

Raised: CA$484.01

Ryan Jefferson

Raised: CA$405.53

Barbara Arseneault

Raised: CA$383.31

Kelly Yungblut

Raised: CA$381.48

Rebecca Hicks

Raised: CA$324.88

Elizabeth Demeny

Raised: CA$323.00

Darold Bales

Raised: CA$300.00

Riley Sikstrom

Raised: CA$272.20

Hailey Sikstrom

Raised: CA$217.57


Raised: CA$216.62

Becky Noftle

Raised: CA$189.78

Gwen Day

Raised: CA$162.94

Keira Wichert-Haluska

Raised: CA$162.94

Heather Morreale

Raised: CA$108.31

Colin Bamsey

Raised: CA$108.31

Susan Scott

Raised: CA$104.86

Katie Yungblut

Raised: CA$82.43

Jeremy Parsons

Raised: CA$55.61

Bethany Fuzzen

Raised: CA$54.63

Michael Read

Raised: CA$54.63

Connie Irwin

Raised: CA$54.63

Rosemary Skuce

Raised: CA$54.63

Dianne Hicks

Raised: CA$54.63

Coralie Sikstrom

Raised: CA$27.80

Margaret Schultz

Raised: CA$11.70

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jul 07 Anonymous Thank you Team Yungblut & everyone for your passion & dedication to this important project. Our prayers are with Bethesda and all of Haiti. CA$124.41
Jul 04 John and Diana Silcox We are so happy for all you are doing to help the people of Haiti, Hailey. Have fun moving! God bless you. CA$54.63
Jul 04 John and Diana Silcox Way to go, Riley! We am glad that you are involved in this special project. It will be a huge blessing to the people of Haiti. CA$54.63
Jul 03 Anonymous CA$300.00
Jul 01 BJ Lyne Go team go! Undisclosed amount
Jul 01 Carstairs Bethel CA$108.31
Jul 01 Judy Coombe Good Luck CA$100.00
Jul 01 Carstairs Bethel CA$108.31
Jun 30 Gord and Nicole Toothe Congratulations Bud! You worked hard for such an amazing goal!! Undisclosed amount
Jun 30 Anonymous CA$537.69