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Help Eleanor raise money

For participating in Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon

Donate to help Eleanor raise money for Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 04 Haley and Jill Go Egg go! $25.00
Nov 01 Renee and Gareth Great idea Eleanor. Good luck!!💖 $50.00
Oct 31 Deepa, Greg, & Maggie Atta-girl Eleanor!!! Hope you have tonnes of fun! $100.00
Oct 30 Various MacLeods! Yay Eleanor $82.00
Oct 29 Miles and Co. Yay small Fine! from Miles $25.00
Oct 27 Sue & Doug Go get em’ tiger! $25.00
Oct 26 Helen and Sandy Fraser Go Eleanor go !!! $40.00
Oct 26 Anonymous Good luck Eleanor! $50.00
Oct 26 Jeff & Gabe Yay Eleanor! $100.00
Oct 25 Roseann and David Fine Go Eleanor go! $100.00