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Annex Cat Rescue

Raise money for Annex Cat Rescue

Since 1997, ACR has provided compassionate cat rescue work in Toronto to help the most vulnerable cats in our city. Our strength comes from our network of volunteers and our work is only possible due to the generosity of our donors and supporters who work tirelessly to improve the lives of community cats.

We are a 100% volunteer run, not for profit registered charity with no office or shelter, and receive no government funding.

Thank you!
Meow, my name is Puffin, thank you for helping me!


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Nov 13 Anne Hurley In memory of Leslie Hurley $100.00
Nov 11 Anonymous Thanks to the awesome volunteers at ACR for helping so many kitties in need in Toronto!! $100.00
Nov 11 Joy Olayta Thanks for helping cats! $25.00
Nov 11 Lenny Tabbitz $100.00
Nov 10 Anonymous $900.00
Nov 08 Kimberly Hughes Great work ACR Team! $100.00
Nov 08 Grace Wong Thank you for all the work that you do! I just started volunteering with ACR a few weeks ago and can see the hard work and support needed! $25.00
Nov 08 Anonymous To help your kitties Undisclosed amount
Nov 07 Lisette Purre $25.00
Nov 07 Nina Yanko Thank you ACR for support of the Runnymede/St. Clair colony cats. For recent medical care for Biscuit and Garfield. $250.00